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04 July 2015

2011 Suzuki RMX450Z Reader Ride

Noel Partridge bought his 2011 Suzuki RMX450Z after riding a demo and says it met his criteria of what he was looking for

01 July 2015

On Any Sunday ADB Issue 430

Here are some of our readers' action shots which featured in ADB's July 2015 issue #430. Know anyone?

27 June 2015

Fitting fork springs How to (basic)

You've got yourself a new set of fork springs to throw in your dirtbike but you're not real sure on where to start when it comes to fitting them. Here's how - with twin-chamber forks

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22 June 2015

2009 KTM 300EXC Reader Ride

ADB reader, Frank Demasi, talks about his 2009 KTM 300EXC

21 June 2015

Repairing a Waterpump How to Pro

If you have coolant dripping out of the bottom of your clutch cover or coolant making your engine oil go milky it might be time to service the waterpump.

14 June 2015

Goondiwindi Gold Motorcycle Club (NSWQld)

It might be deep in the bush, but the Goondiwindi Gold Motorcycle Club feels like home

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10 June 2015

David Armstrong Lap with a Legend

As a member of Australia's first Motocross Des Nations team, David Armstrong was a bit of a ground breaker

01 June 2015

On Any Sunday ADB Issue 429

Here are some more readers' action photos, as featured in ADB issue 429, June 2015

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30 May 2015

2010 KTM 530 EXC Reader ride

We take a close look at Bill Vertucci's all-roads weapon, a 2010 KTM 530 EXC

17 May 2015

Krusic's Ride Park, Gippsland, Vic

The newest ride park in Victoria's south-east, Krusic's is developing rapidly.

17 May 2015

Traction on slippery corners How to (basic)

Knowing how to handle slippery, flat corners will cut seconds off your lap times and help move you to the front of the pack.

16 May 2015

Kawasaki KX125 (1999-2001)

The KX125 won three straight AMA 125cc National Championships in the hands of superstar Ricky Carmichael from 1997-99 and Kawasaki soon set to work upgrading the production bike.