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21 July 2015

Garry De Wildt Lap with a Legend

His bike always drew a lot of attention at enduros in the late ’70s and early ’80s due to the set up on the handlebar. Garry De Wildt must have been the fastest one-armed enduro rider in Australia.

19 July 2015

Katherine Motocross Club, NT

It's full-steam ahead for riders in Katherine with a new committee pushing ahead

18 July 2015

Honda CRF450R (2009-12)

The CRF450R has long been known for being one of the best handling 450s, if not the best. Honda has always known exactly where to stuff all the components in the chassis to make the bike feel fast.

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17 July 2015

Frequently Asked Questions Kawasaki

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Kawasaki dirtbikes...

11 July 2015

Oiling your filter Tricks of the trade

ADB's technical editor, Mat Boyd runs through a few steps on how to correctly oil and fit your air filter

10 July 2015

Park4MX Victoria

Melbourne’s Broadmeadows Motocross Park has changed hands and changed its name...

05 July 2015

Southern Junior Dirt Bike Club, Tas

The Southern Junior Dirt Bike Club is a young rider's dream. There's a choice of seven tracks and multiple trails designed for all levels

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04 July 2015

2011 Suzuki RMX450Z Reader Ride

Noel Partridge bought his 2011 Suzuki RMX450Z after riding a demo and says it met his criteria of what he was looking for

01 July 2015

On Any Sunday ADB Issue 430

Here are some of our readers' action shots which featured in ADB's July 2015 issue #430. Know anyone?

27 June 2015

Fitting fork springs How to (basic)

You've got yourself a new set of fork springs to throw in your dirtbike but you're not real sure on where to start when it comes to fitting them. Here's how - with twin-chamber forks

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22 June 2015

2009 KTM 300EXC Reader Ride

ADB reader, Frank Demasi, talks about his 2009 KTM 300EXC

21 June 2015

Repairing a Waterpump How to Pro

If you have coolant dripping out of the bottom of your clutch cover or coolant making your engine oil go milky it might be time to service the waterpump.