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Back End | Product Evaluations
Back End / Product Evaluations
25 February 2016

Scott Duffle Gearbag Product Evaluation

We review the Scott Duffle Gearbag.

Back End / Product Evaluations
22 February 2016

Continental TKC80 Product Evaluation

We test the Continental TKC80 adventure tyre.

Back End / Product Evaluations
11 February 2016

Shark Explore-R Carbon helmet Product Evaluation

We test the Explore-R Carbon adventure helmet from Shark.

Back End / Product Evaluations
07 February 2016

DriRider Vortex Product Evaluation

This Vortex gear by DriRider is middle-shelf kit, with a price tag to match. It’s waterproof and has a zip-out inner to keep you warm or cool, depending on your riding conditions.

Back End / Product Evaluations
02 February 2016

Matrix Pro Kneebraces

Kneebraces are an essential item in anyone’s gear bag and I will refuse to ride without them.

Back End / Product Evaluations
25 January 2016

Goggleman Prescription Lens Adaptor

Goggleman Prescription Lens Adaptor is a custom made prescription lens that fits snug under your goggles, eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses when you ride.

Back End / Product Evaluations
10 November 2015

Safari 30 litre tank Product Eval

Back in issue #432, we fitted a 30 litre tank to our DR650SE budget adventure bike. Here's what we thought about it...

Back End / Product Evaluations
07 September 2015

Vortex X10 ECU and Map Switch Prod Eval

A motocross bike is not exactly ideal for the bush. When our Suzuki RM-Z250 giveaway bike arrived, one of the first things that went on our list of mods was the ECU

Back End / Product Evaluations
25 January 2015

Sony Action Cam with LCD mount: Product Eval

You’ve heard it all before: there’s a plethora of helmet cams on the market, and they are all great in their own right, but this is the one for you… blah, blah, blah. We know, it gets boring.

Back End / Product Evaluations
22 January 2015

Topline seatcover: Product Eval

Topline has been producing high quality seat covers since 1992, continuously developing the product over the years as racing has evolved.

Back End / Product Evaluations
20 January 2015

Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch Product Eval

How many times have you tackled a gnarly hill, only to stall halfway to the top? Well the Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch can prevent that. But is it really worth it?

Back End / Product Evaluations
16 January 2015

Leatt C-Frame knee braces Product Eval

After the huge success of their neck braces, Leatt has moved into the knee brace market and has again taken a unique approach to the design of their product.