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07 March 2017

Yamaha YZ465

Every motocross manufacturer has an iconic model. For Honda, it’s the early Elsinores, for Maico it’s the 1981 MC490 and for Yamaha it’s the YZ465.

07 March 2017

Teneres take on the Apple Isle in 2017

A total of 75 Yamaha Ténéré riders took part in the recent Tasmanian Devil Run which covered a lap of the apple isle on dirt roads and byways.

16 February 2017

Tom McCormack Hangs Up The Boots

Tom McCormack has announced his retirement from off-road racing following a string of serious injuries.

03 February 2017

Glenn Kearney Talks Capacities

Now that Glenn Kearney has stepped away from his racing position at Husqvarna we asked him for his opinion on the range of capacities available in the Husqvarna enduro line-up.

24 January 2017

How To Wash A Dirtbike

Redmond shows us the correct technique for washing your dirtbike.

16 January 2017

Redmond Comes A Cropper

As I write this I am hurting. Last week I stacked my roadbike but today I got lit up hard off my KTM. Bent my 'bar. Limping. Sore ribs.

13 January 2017

Ken Roczen Onboard - CR250

Hop on the bike with 2016 AMA Motocross champ Ken Roczen's GoPro view, as he tears through the track at the legendary Castillo Ranch on Jeremy McGrath's personal 1996 Honda CR250.

24 December 2016

Cain’s Goodwill Overflows

Only a saint would lend their exotic enduro bike to a known wrecker for a Christmas ride on a track called Death Valley.

14 December 2016

Redmond's tips for Ole Salt

Redmond has got some general life tips for the Ole Salt.

07 October 2016

Redmond has the Solution

Like most social riders/racers I like to buy the best gear I can afford, which normally has me shopping one shelf below the middle.

29 September 2016

ADB Exclusive - Vince Strang Ride GPS Download

The Afternoon Delight Paradise Loop offers a combination of tight sandy tracks through forest and incredibly scenic dirt roads.

23 September 2016


Vintage motocross is making a strong resurgence, with world-class restorations being done right here in Oz. A technique used to restore these classic machines is hydroblasting.