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07 October 2016

Redmond has the Solution

Like most social riders/racers I like to buy the best gear I can afford, which normally has me shopping one shelf below the middle.

29 September 2016

ADB Exclusive - Vince Strang Ride GPS Download

The Afternoon Delight Paradise Loop offers a combination of tight sandy tracks through forest and incredibly scenic dirt roads.

23 September 2016


Vintage motocross is making a strong resurgence, with world-class restorations being done right here in Oz. A technique used to restore these classic machines is hydroblasting.

15 September 2016

Husqvarna CR430 - Old Tin

A Husqvarna CR430 graced the cover of ADB #33 in January, 1982, spitting staffer Murray Watt off the back in a cloud of dust.

10 September 2016

The Wheel Bearing Conspiracy

No one despises wheel bearing maintenance more than Redmond.

03 September 2016

Redmond on Camping

Redmond doesn't like camping, here's why.

01 September 2016

Bike Tips For The Unholy, Unhealthy and Unwashed

Redmond gives us the run-down on his ideal maintenance guide.

31 August 2016

The Rules Of Backyard Motocross

Backyard Motocross is talked about in secrecy as it carries the same outlaw status as Fight Club. But like Fight Club it too has rules, Redmond explains.

30 August 2016

Five things we love about Rec Rego

Things we love - and hate - about Recreational Registration

18 August 2016

Legends: Brooke Flanagan

After Brooke Flanagan made the switch from motocross to enduro he wasn’t immune to chasing prize money.

17 August 2016

Too Cool For MX School

Couple week's back when I road up to Ingham to watch my mate's motocross race it was first club MX event I have been to in maybe 15 years.

17 August 2016

A Lap With A Legend - Brian Martin

Four Kiwis decided in 1969 that Australia was the place to be for affordable bikes and better riding. They all went on to make names for themselves, one of them being Brian Martin.