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2015 – 2018 Husqvarna FC250 Used Bike Review | Used Bikes

The FC250 is the blood brother of the KTM 250SX-F. They have the same engine, frame, suspension and brakes but the colour is obviously different

So are a few other things, with the biggest differences being the airbox and carbon composite subframe. The Husqvarna FC250 subframe is lighter and a slightly different shape to the aluminium KTM one.

The slight difference in the airbox has been credited with giving the Husky a slightly smoother power curve and the ergonomics, Pro Taper handlebar and shape of the bike are responsible for it feeling different to ride. They still have the same Euro feel about them that riders seem to love or hate but the entire cockpit feels different and results in bikes that feel totally unrelated. My advice to anyone looking at buying a KTM or Husky is to ride both and buy the one you feel most comfortable on.

Husqvarna has come a long way since KTM took over and started manufacturing them in its factory. Once upon a time the Husqvarnas were heavily criticized for being unreliable. Trust me, I know right now I’m being cursed by several owners of the pre-KTM takeover Huskies but I’m just putting it the way I see it.

I know several owners of the older Huskies that look after them and don’t have any issues but I also fix several every week that have been abused and have turned into time bombs. They have issues with wiring, speedos, fuel pumps and more.

The good news is that the new-era Huskies stand up to abuse and poor servicing much better than their predecessors. I am in no way saying don’t worry about maintaining your Husky, I am just saying they can handle it better these days. I am a big advocate of looking after your bike so it will look after you. After all, pushing or towing your bike out off the track while your mates keep riding sucks.

The big things to look out for when buying a second-hand Husqvarna FC250 is that it starts easily on the starter button and idles with no rattles. Starter systems can be expensive to fix and so can worn big-ends. The valves in the FC are strong and durable but check the airbox and even remove the filter to see if there is any dust behind it.

I have pulled several of these motors apart that have burnt dirt caked around the ring, which makes it stick in the groove and causes a loss of compression. Lastly for the engine, check that it doesn’t blow smoke and that you can select all the gears.

Check the chassis and make sure there is no damage to the subframe. Check all the wheel and frame bearings for any play. Lastly, check the swingarm and linkage. The linkage bearings on the FC should last if they are regularly lubricated but the swingarm bearings tend to wear out. Technical Editor Mat Boyd

Price Guide according to
2015 $10,995
2016 $10,995
2017 $11,695
2018 $11,695
2019 $11,995

Second Hand
2015 $6950 – $8250
2016 $7500 – $8950
2017 $8150 – $9700
2018 $8400 – $10,000
2019 $8650 – $10,250