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2017 Beta Enduro Pricing Announced | Latest

With the arrival of the first shipment of 2017 Beta Enduro bikes imminent Beta Motorcycles Australia have released the pricing for the new models.

“We have decided to keep the price of all of our RR range, both the 2 and 4 strokes, unchanged from 2016.” announced Beta Motorcycles Australia’s director Gary Grealy. “With the Australian dollar still relatively high and stable against the Euro and our excellent sales across the board at the current prices we see no reason to change.” he added.

The price of the Xtrainer300 has increased by a moderate $200. “We introduced the XT300 at a discounted price to get it into the bush and under rider’s bums and it has proven to be an incredibly well received bike. We have had to increase the price slightly to get it back in line with our more normal margins but at $10,190, for a 300cc enduro bike, it is still a bargain.” Gary explained.

The 2017 2 strokes will be available from dealers in the first week of September, although most of the first shipment have already been pre-sold to customers. The 2017 4 strokes will be available in early October.

Racing Editions of all of the RR’s will be offered in 2017 and it is expected that these will be available before the end of the year. Specifications and pricing are yet to be announced by Beta Italy.

2017 Beta Enduro Price – Inc GST
Two-Stroke + ORC
RR250 – $10,990
RR300 – $11,990
XT300 – $10,190

Four-stroke + ORC
RR350 – $12,690
RR390 – $12,790
RR430 – $12,890
RR480 – $12,990