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2020 Honda MX range arrives next month | News

The 2020 CRF450R and CRF250R will hit Honda dealers around the country mid-October, both models offering a range of updates, in particular, the 250R.

The 2020 CRF250R will be available for an MLP of $11,299 and boast updates to the engine and chassis. The CRF450R will be available for an MLP of $12,299 and puts more engine-management choices at the fingertips of racers, with the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

2020 CRF250R Updates

– New cam profile delays opening of exhaust valves and has reduced valve overlap, resulting in improved torque and power in the 6,000-10,000 rpm range.
– Optimized combustion-chamber shape.
– Ignition timing is optimized at 8,000 rpm for improved torque and power.
– Gear-position sensor added to allow dedicated ignition maps for each gear.
– Header-pipe resonator is removed for improved power character when shifting from second to third gear.
– Muffler is revised for improved low-to-midrange torque.
– New air-filter element is 10% larger for increased airflow.
– Enlarged left-side radiator for efficient cooling with higher engine-power output.
– Second gear has revised (higher) ratio for improved drive, while second and third gears have a new WPC surface treatment for improved durability and reduced friction.
– Clutch capacity is increased by 18%, and clutch spring has a higher rate.
– New lighter aluminum perimeter frame and aluminum swingarm are designed to achieve increased yaw-angle stiffness while retaining lateral and torsional stiffness, resulting in improved stability.
– Newly shaped footpegs are 20% lighter and shed mud more easily, giving the rider great feel and confidence in all riding conditions.
– Thanks in part to revised internal suspension settings (fork has increased low-speed damping, while shock has increased low-speed compression and reduced high-speed compression), handling has been improved in the following areas: stability, tracking, turning and traction.
– Battery repositioned 28mm lower to drop center of gravity for better handling.
– Rear brake has a shorter hose and longer, lighter pedal, as well as a new pad material with improved power and better durability in muddy conditions. Lower-rear brake guard removed for reduced unsprung weight and improved cooling.
– New graphics.

2020 CRF450R Updates

2020 Honda CRF450R

– All-new Honda Selectable Torque Control with three levels of intervention. HSTC monitors rpm spikes and responds by temporarily reducing torque to aid rear traction. A handlebar-mounted switch allows selection between three modes, depending on conditions and rider preference.
– Revised mapping for riding modes in Standard, Smooth and Aggressive options, selectable via a separate handlebar-mounted switch, enables simple tuning depending on rider preference or course conditions.
– Revised internal fork and shock settings for improved chassis balance and overall handling.
– Battery position lowered by 28mm accentuates moves center of gravity downward to further improve chassis balance and handling.
– New rear brake-pad material for improved performance and increased durability.
– Elimination of lower rear brake-rotor guard, to improve heat dissipation and reduce unsprung weight.
– Updated graphics.