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KTM has introduced a new model for 2020, the 150 EXC TPI, based on the 150 XC-W, the 150 EXC will be road registerable in Australia and features TPI.

This lively 2-stroke retains the typical low weight, straightforward tech and low maintenance cost. On the other hand, no expense has been spared for top equipment like the hydrau- lic clutch and Brembo brakes. The benefits of TPI and electronically controlled engine lubrication, combined with the brand-new chassis, make the new KTM 150 EXC TPI the ultimate lightweight enduro for rookies and experienced riders alike.

The KTM 150 EXC TPI engine uses cutting-edge 2-stroke technology. Thanks to the revolutionary TPI fuel injection and a newly developed cylinder, the lightest and most compact engine of its kind delivers class-leading power across the entire rev range. Ad- ditional benefits include unrivaled agility and a finely controlled power delivery.

The MY2020 KTM 150 EXC TPI features the most modern engine management system (EMS) of any 2-stroke offroad competition motorcycle. The brain of the system is the electronic control unit (ECU) located below the seat. It controls the ignition timing and the amount of fuel injected using sensor data such as intake air pressure, throttle position and coolant tem- perature. An ambient air pressure sensor enables the ECU to adapt the injection parameters to fast changes in altitude. While riders of carbureted 2-stroke engines need to keep an eye on altitude and temperature and re-jet accordingly, there is no need to set up the KTM 150 EXC TPI for environmental conditions.

Should the rider decide to mount an auxiliary radiator fan from the KTM PowerParts program, it will also be controlled directly by the EMS without the need to add an extra thermal switch. An optional map select switch allows the rider to select an alternate mapping for a smooth- er power delivery, while the standard map provides slightly sportier engine characteristics.

The new KTM 150 EXC TPI is fitted with a new exhaust system featuring a re-designed exhaust pipe and silencer. The pipe is produced with the latest 3D stamping technology and has an optimized shape. In conjunction with the reworked design of the silencer with a new perforated inner tube and lighter damping material, the engine delivers excellent performance with a significant increase in bottom end power, while keeping noise levels safely below the FIM limits. Last but not least, the polymer mounting system of the silencer has been replaced by two welded aluminum brackets for additional weight savings.

The KTM 150 EXC TPI is fitted with a unique E-starter as standard, a clear advantage when it comes to crunch time in the heat of battle. A bigger and stron- ger starter motor – power increased from 150 to 350 W – and the proven KTM starter drive ensure efficient and reliable starting at all times.

The lightweight die-cast engine case puts the crank- shaft high and near the center of gravity for great rideability, concentrating the masses in a central position. For MY2020, the ignition cover has been adapted to the new, larger alternator, while the reed valve block features reworked carbon reeds for even greater reliability.

The new KTM 150 EXC TPI has a strong 6-speed trans- mission with gear ratios optimized for enduro riding and adapted to the 150cc engine’s power delivery.

The gears are supplied by Pankl Racing Systems, and thanks to the newly built transmission production plant, quality and durability have reached a new level.

Instead of a circlip, the secondary drive pinion is now retained by a screw and diaphragm spring as is the case on all other KTM offroad models to provide even greater reliability.

To accommodate the power requirements of the electronic engine management system and fuel injec- tion, the new KTM 150 EXC TPI has a more powerful alternator than its carbureted predecessor. It is rated at 196 W with a matching regulator, the same as on the EXC-F 4-stroke models.

The compact new cylinder has a sophisticated power valve unit that incorporates a mechanism for the lateral support exhaust ports. Timings have been op- timized for the new TPI system and the upper edge of the exhaust port is accurately CNC milled. Two lateral domes hold the fuel injectors that are aimed into the rear transfer ports. This downstream injection guar- antees excellent atomization of the fuel for efficient combustion and minimal loss of unburned fuel. The design is the key to outstanding performance across the entire power band with significantly increased torque. The new 2-piece cylinder head has a combus- tion chamber insert with optimized geometry and is now fitted with a coolant temperature sensor to feed data to the TPI system.

The KTM 150 EXC TPI is fitted with the same new oil tank as the larger models, featuring reworked mounting points for maximum reliability. Mounted underneath the oil tank, the oil pump feeds the lubri- cant to the throttle body where minute quantities are mixed into the incoming air to lubricate the piston and crankshaft. Using engine speed and throttle position sensor data, the engine management’s precise electronic control of the oil pump ensures the perfect amount of oil is supplied in any situation.

Oil is conducted by hose from the filler cap between the fuel tank and steering head through the upper frame to the oil tank. The electronically controlled oil injection system reduces exhaust smoke by up to 50% over conventional pre-mix lubrication, with an average fuel-to-oil ratio of 1:80. This means the oil capacity of about 0.7 liters is sufficient for at least five tanks of fuel.

All EXC TPI engines are fitted with a new 39 mm throttle body made by Dell’Orto. Power is controlled by a butterfly valve via a twin-cable throttle assembly on the handlebar, with intake airflow data provided by a throttle position sensor. The reworked idle system al- lows a more precise idle speed setting via the bypass screw, while an enhanced cold start system supplies extra air when opening the bypass. Oil supplied by the electronically controlled oil pump via an oil intake tube is mixed with the incoming air to lubricate the moving engine parts.

The KTM 150 EXC TPI is fitted with a DS (diaphragm steel) clutch featuring a clutch basket that doubles as the primary gear. It is milled from a single piece of high-strength billet steel, a compact, rivetless design to guarantee unbeatable reliability. Heat-resistant friction discs with steel carriers ensure perfect clutch separation. They are pre-tensioned by a diaphragm spring, substantially reducing the actuating force of the hydraulic Brembo clutch action.