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Beta Motorcycles Australia is excited to unveil the 2024 Beta EVO Factory lineup which will be available from May 2024.

George Hemingway’s victory in the 2023 World Championship (TR3 125), coupled with the outstanding performances of Matteo Grattarola (TRIALGP) and Andrea Sofia Rabino (GP WOMEN), and the respective triumphs in national championships, underscore the exceptional rideability and performance delivered by the 2024 Beta EVO Factory range.

In the 2024 models, updates have been introduced to further enhance the refinement of the Beta EVO Factory range while preserving its racing heritage. The key highlights in the engine, frame, and suspension are outlined below.

EVO 2T vs. EVO Factory 2T Engines: Notable differences include a magnesium crankcase with a sleek black finish, showcasing a distinctive design that reduces weight by 1.35kg, thereby maximizing the bike’s agility.

Trimmed Clutch Discs: Specifically designed to optimize clutch precision and controllability in all situations, particularly during extreme repetitive actions at high rpm, ensuring consistent and extreme precision.

Black Anodized Engine Oil Plugs.
Titanium Exhaust: On the 250/300 2T models, this feature results in a weight reduction of over 600g and enhances performance at medium-high engine speeds due to its larger internal diameter.

EVO Factory 125’s Exhaust

Distinguished by its titanium construction, it stands out from larger engine sizes with an internal structure, including an initial conical section (cylinder side) that boosts torque and acceleration at low rpms.

Revised Crankshaft and Conrod

Adopted from the 2024 EVO 2T range, the recently introduced revised crankshaft and conrod, with reduced interaxle spacing (1.5 mm less at 114.5 mm compared to 116 mm), is utilized on all 2T EVO Factory models, except for the 125. Bore and stroke remain unchanged, while new Meteor pistons are incorporated.

EVO Factory Engine Performance

These models feature higher-performance engines compared to the EVO range, benefiting from reduced crankcase weight, a titanium header, and minimized alternating masses. This results in a more manageable bike with improved performance and rideability, elevating power and responsiveness to a new level. Handling remains top-tier within its class, and vibrations are minimized.

4T EVO Factory Model Upgrades

The 4T EVO Factory model receives several upgrades relative to the standard EVO version. The electronic control unit receives a higher power rating, leading to improved spark stability and combustion at all engine speeds. To accommodate the increased power, the EVO Factory 4-stroke is equipped with a lighter weight and higher-performance titanium silencer.


Gold Front Forks:
The 2024 Beta EVO Factory range is equipped with striking gold forks, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional advantages. The golden hue is achieved through a TIN treatment, ensuring smoother fork sliding. The recently introduced internal damping system from previous models is retained in MY2024. Continuous refinement of the settings results in a top-tier suspension package in the trial bike sector, complemented by the monoshock featuring optimized spring guide geometry (with a red spring).

Progressive Linkage:
The rear suspension linkage configuration is enhanced to be more progressive, ensuring greater traction and delivering a superior feel to the rider. This improvement facilitates wheelies and aids in overcoming large obstacles.

New Machined Steering Yokes:
Machined from billet, the new steering yokes feature a blue anodized finish, providing both stiffness and lightness. Weighing approximately 100g less than EVO models, these yokes also boast fore-aft adjustable handlebar brackets, allowing riders to find their ideal position. The introduction of the new color for MY2024 enhances the bike’s appearance with a zero-compromise design.

Black Anodized Finish Components:
Chain adjusters, handlebar end plugs, and footpegs are finished with durable black anodization. The footpegs, made of lightweight materials, incorporate non-slip steel pins for maximum grip.

EVO Factory-Specific Radiator Hoses:

Red silicone radiator hoses, specific to the EVO Factory model, not only enhance cooling performance but also contribute to a thoroughbred racing look.

Galfer Racing Brake Discs:
Equipped with Galfer racing brake discs that provide maximum braking power. These discs are extremely lightweight, contributing to a reduction in unsprung mass and maximizing the bike’s overall rideability.

BrakTec Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders:
The 2024 Beta EVO Factory features high-quality BrakTec brake and clutch master cylinders, ensuring precise and reliable control.

Anti-Vibration Rear Brake Caliper:
The rear brake caliper is equipped with an anti-vibration system for pads, contributing to enhanced braking performance.

New Blue Anodized Morad Wheels:
Featuring new Morad wheels with a blue anodized finish, adding to the bike’s aesthetic appeal.

Michelin X-light Tyres:
Fitted with Michelin X-light tires, recognized as leaders in the sector for their lightweight construction, exceptional performance, and superior grip in all situations.

New Graphics:
Staying true to Beta’s race-ready tradition, the EVO Factory for MY2024 boasts red and blue colors. The Beta red plastic parts and decals are elegantly paired with newly introduced anodized blue components. The model’s appearance is further enhanced by matte-gloss graphics, with matte red parts contrasting with glossy blue and white elements.

Finalizing the 2024 Beta EVO Factory Range Updates

To conclude the enhancements for the 2024 Beta EVO Factory range, a significant addition is the implementation of the new Beta Electronic Key, detailed as follows:

Electronic Key
The conventional “Kill-switch” has been replaced with Betamotor’s innovative and patented electronic key. Functioning as a magnetic lanyard-type kill switch, this key serves a dual purpose by providing theft protection and ensuring the safety of both the bike and rider. Betamotor holds an exclusive European patent (EP3064405B1) for this cutting-edge technology. The electronic key is a two-part component, akin to its predecessor, with one part securely fastened to the bike’s handlebars. The second part is magnetic, worn by the rider with a cord around their wrist. In the event of disconnection, it activates a mechanism. Notably, the electronic key introduces coding linking the two parts, offering advanced anti-theft functionality.

Anti-theft Function
The key’s anti-theft function plays a crucial role in preventing the engine from starting when disconnected. The coding linking the key to the bike’s ignition serves as a deterrent, discouraging theft when the bike is left unattended.

Passive Bike and Rider Safety
Functioning similarly to a traditional “Kill-Switch,” the electronic key ensures passive safety for both the bike and rider. When the magnetic point of contact connected to the rider’s wrist and the bike’s handlebar is disconnected, the bike is automatically shut off. This innovative solution provides enhanced protection for both the bike and rider, encapsulated in a single, exclusive patent by Betamotor.