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2024 RIEJU MR PRO 300 HAS LANDED IN OZ! | Latest | News

The Spanish Rieju MR Pro 300 has arrived in Australia and dealers have already started taking delivery. They're priced well and loaded with fruit.

The 2024 Rieju MR Pro 300 has finally landed in Oz and is loaded with premium components for $15,990.

Building upon the foundation of the MR300 Racing model, the Rieju MR Pro 300 uses exclusive components to elevate the MR PRO 300 over other Rieju models. Rieju’s latest MR 300cc models boast top-tier components and serve as a successor to the renowned GasGas GP Enduro line, the MR PRO series is designed to go even further.

Loaded with premium features straight off the showroom floor, the Rieju MR PRO 300 is an impressive piece of kit. One standout feature of the MR PRO is its suspension system, crafted by industry leader KYB. Renowned for delivering the most responsive and comfortable ride, the KYB suspension on the MR PRO is built to goi racing. Building upon this legacy, the fork legs of the MR PRO are treated with DLC coating, for better small-bump compliance and reducing rider fatigue on challenging terrain.

Complementing the KYB fork, equipped with anti-friction treatment, are the lightweight red anodized XTRIG ROCS triple clamps. Further premium components include EXCEL rims paired with reinforced red anodized hubs,. The addition of a Funnelweb air filter and a cooling fan helps in dusty conditions and hot, humid climates.

Notably, the MR 300 PRO is homologated and fully road registerable in Australia, offering riders the flexibility to explore both on and off-road while complying with legal requirements.