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Signifiant updates have been made to the 2025 Yamaha YZ range with the YZ450F and YZ250F getting the bulk of them.

The 2025 Yamaha YZ range has come in for some love and details have just been released on what the technician have done. The YZ450F has received the most changes with the YZ250F receiving refinements. The two-strokes come in again for a new look.

2025 YZ450F: Stability and Performance Enhancements

Yamaha’s 2025 YZ450F introduces a series of significant updates designed to enhance stability and overall performance across various riding conditions. One of the most notable changes is the new rear suspension linkage. This development aims to improve stability, particularly in diverse riding scenarios, from tight corners to challenging jumps. The rear suspension settings have been meticulously revised.

To complement these changes, the front suspension has also been updated. The length of the spring has been extended to increase internal preload pressure, and the shape of the layered valves has been altered from circular to triangular. Additionally, the size of the inflow oil holes has been increased to adjust oil flow. These modifications collectively contribute to a calmer front-end, enhancing the bike’s overall maneuverability. The front suspension changes ensure a more consistent damping feel across mixed terrains and riding situations, particularly under braking and cornering.

In line with these suspension improvements, Yamaha has redesigned the front engine mounts to enhance the overall chassis balance. This adjustment aligns with the updated suspension settings, altering the chassis rigidity.

To further bolster the YZ450F’s the clutch’s cooling efficiency has been enhanced. The number of holes feeding oil to the clutch plates has increased three-fold, from six to 18. This improvement ensures better cooling and performance, especially during extended riding sessions.

Rider comfort and control have also been priorities in this update. The newly designed seat features a single layer of surface material with a seamless design, eliminating joins and welds. New aluminium footpeg brackets have been introduced to provide a firmer hold on the chassis. A redesigned handlebar switch block features a ribbed shape, preventing riders from pressing the wrong button while wearing gloves. The 2025 YZ450F also features a new type of throttle grip set, reducing pressure on the rider’s right thumb.

In compliance with the FIM’s new noise regulations for 2025, the YZ450F now boasts a new exhaust system that reduces sound levels. This has also meant changes to the fueling and ignition timing has improved controllability and throttle connection. These changes can be fine-tuned using the Power Tuner app.

The 2025 YZ450F also showcases new graphics, completing its updated look. For those looking to emulate their MXGP heroes, the Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition, inspired by the official Yamaha MXGP team colors, is available too. The 2025 YZ450F will be available later this year.

2025 YZ250F: Advanced Handling and Noise Compliance

Building on the significant updates introduced in 2024, the 2025 YZ250F features mainly refinements with new regulations. The 2024 model saw an all-new chassis derived from the YZ450F, along with revised geometry and a repositioned headpipe, which lowered the centre of gravity.

For 2025, the YZ250F benefits from the new rear suspension linkage and updated suspension settings at both the rear and front. In addition to these suspension changes, the exhaust system has been redesigned to produce a lower sound level, aligning with the FIM’s 2025 noise regulations, like the YZ450F. The power characteristics have been refined to provide a smooth and controllable response in the bottom-end, as well as a linear mid-range.

The Power Tuner app continues to be a valuable tool for YZ250F riders. The switchgear and throttle housing have been refined to minimise the risk of hitting the wrong button while wearing gloves, like the YZ450F. New graphics complete the solid Blue look.

Refinements to YZ Two-Stroke Models

The YZ250 and YZ125 received limited updates. Both the YZ250 and YZ125 now feature modified radiators and tool-less fork compression clickers. Updated graphics and handlebar pads complement the new graphics too. The Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Editions are also available. The YZ250 will be available from October onwards, while the YZ125 will be available from September.

The YZ two-stroke range also includes the YZ65 and YZ85 but just get updated graphics for 2025. The youth motocross models will be available later in the year.