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ADB Australian Big-Bore Classic Coming April 26 | News

The King of Aussie motocross will be decided at the first ADB Australian Big-Bore Classic at Krusic’s Ride Park in Gippsland, Nanny State, on Sunday, 26 April.

While the rest of the country is recovering from toasting the fallen on Anzac Day, you can battle it out for the title of Big-Bore King on a natural-terrain motocross track made for old-school powerhouse machines with long sweeping corners, deep sandy berms and wide-open straights that’ll dish out bucket loads of fun!

Six classes will compete over a day of intense racing covered by the Australian Motorcyclist Association before the fastest two-strokes and four-strokes clash in a ’bar-to-’bar Six-Stroke Cup feature of two, three-lap motos after which the big-bore king will be crowned! A five-minute turnaround between motos will keep the blood boiling and the arms pumped.

The classes are 500T (over 450cc two-stroke), 500F (over 450cc four-stroke), 300-450T, C-Grade 2T and C-Grade 4T and an Over-45 Years division for all those veterans sucked in by the promise of short races. All classes will race four, four-lap motos.

There will be free camping on the Saturday night so you can make a weekend of it!

Entries open February 26.

Entry: $90 per rider, $150 for entry in multiple classes
Prizes: All riders receive ADB Big Bore Class medallion. Trophies for first,
second and third.
Format: All classes race
4 x 4-lap motos

500T: Over 450cc two-stroke

500F: Over 450cc four-stroke

300-450T (AKA pretend big-bores): Open to two-strokes over 250cc and under 450cc. Perfect class for riders on enduro bikes. Yep, you can run a headlight but make sure it’s on low beam!

C-Grade classes: Of course there will be a C-Grade national title winner! After all, C-Graders deserve to win a title too and this ain’t no average title, it’s the bloody ball-breaking ADB Big-Bore Classic. There is nothing bigger in the world!

Over 45s: For the old bastards who can still handle four laps. Any bike.

Feature Race: The Big One! The Six-Stroke Cup. This event is open to over-450cc two-strokes and four-strokes and is the race that sorts the men and women from the other men and women. It decides who is the ultimate big-bore king! Format for the feature race is 2 x 3-lap motos back-to-back. There is a five-minute reset time from when the last rider crosses the line until the gates drop for the second moto.

This event is run with liability coverage from Australian Motorcyclist Association insurance. All riders must have an AMA licence to compete. Head to for licenses and details.

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