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Airoh Helmets to Hit Aussie Shores | Latest

Moto National Accessories has officially launched Airoh helmets in Australia at an event in Melbourne.

The Queensland-based distributor expects the first shipment of the Italian-made helmets to arrive on Australian shores in the coming months.

While Airoh helmets have been sold in Australia previously, this is the first time that they have been officially distributed in mass.

All Airoh helmets are ECE (European) approved. Previously only helmets with Australian Standard approval were allowed to be worn in Australia, however the rules have recently been changed to allow ECE helmets.

Airoh began in 1986 as Locatelli S.p.A and began producing Airoh-branded helmets in 1997.

The companies’ flagship off-road helmet, the Aviator 2.2, is worn by top riders around the world. These riders include Antonio Cairoli, Matt Phillips, Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis and Jeffrey Herlings.

The Aviator 2.2 is entirely made in Italy and is a Multi Axial Stratified Composite Carbon Kevlar helmet. It is ultra light, weighing in at only 950g and comes in 3 shell sizes.

Other features include the AIROH Emergency Fast Remove (AEFR) cheek pads, a removable nose guard and dust filter, an adjustable peak with extender, hi-flow ventilation system, high-quality removable and washable liner and GoPro compatibility.

The helmet comes in a variety of different graphics, but two that are sure to be most popular are the limited edition Six Days model and the Toni Cairoli replica.

Beneath the Aviator are a number of other off-road helmets that will cater for all ages and budgets.

There is currently no official word on pricing, but you can expect to see the helmets on the shelves later this year.