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AUSSIE UPDATE: Dakar Rally Stage 7 | News

Still suffering with his injury, Toby Price battles on. Eighth place on the day’s stage, and making up time on a number of his closest rivals and is third place in the overall standings.

Determined to make the finish, Price will keep on fighting for a top result.

Toby Price: “The day has gone well, it ended up with a lot of us riding in a group today. We did get lost at one point and lose a few minutes but all-in-all things are going ok. Obviously, my wrist is still giving me some pain, but we’re past the point of no return now – there’s no stopping. I’m still sitting in third overall with just a few stages left so I’ll continue taking each day as it comes and keep on fighting.”

Dakar rookies Ben Young and James Ferguson are still in the competition and producing consistent results. Young finished Stage 7 in 70th position and is 63rd overall. Ferguson finished further back in 92nd and is 81st overall.

John Maragozidis was 13th fastest in the stage and is 13th overall,

3. Toby Price, 24:56:30 +8:28
63. Ben Young, 40:24:39 +15:36:37
81. James Ferguson, 50:01:34 +25:13:32

13. John Maragozidis, 50:11:14 +18:54:16

Rod Faggotter: OUT
Stephen Riley & Trevor Hanks: OUT