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AUSSIE UPDATE: Red Bull Romaniacs Off-Road Day 1 | News

Stay up to date with the field of Aussie riders taking on Red Bull Romaniacs. Here are their results after off-road day 1.

Gold Class

24th – Adam Giles +1h40m39s
29th – Chris Perry +2h14m43s
30th – Anthony Solar +2h21m32s

Silver Class

19th – Shane Moss +41m45s
24th – Adam Poole +54m29s
31st – Tim Gibson +1h9m7s
61st – Sam David Preece +1h59m47s
93rd – Shane Bowden +5h57m9s

Bronze Class

5th – Brent Brady +31m19s
28th – Cameron Bice +38m41s
39th – Christian Barrett +38m7s
46th – Jason Beaton +43m11s
65th – Robert Kingston +55m16s
68th – Raymond Borg +58m6s
80th – Dwayne Affleck +1h7m5
81st – Brendon Cousins +1h8m6s
92nd – Nicholas Kirk +1h17m21s
93rd – Paul Mapperson +1h14m49s
111 – Marc Grillis +1h27m22s
112 – Craig Roberts +1h27m33s
168 – John Cockings +2h41m53
181 – Brett Summers +3h33m43s

Iron Class

30th – Aaron Mcfadzen +40m22s
38th – Aaron Panozza +56m9s
69th – Domenic Dercole +1h40m39
75th – Joshua Devine +1h52m20s
81st – Brenden Murphy +2h11m43s
94th – Christopher Withers +7h16m34s – AB1
95th – Andrew Donnelly +8h46m15s – AB1