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Ben Grabham returns to winning ways at AORC | News

321Motosport Beta's Ben Grabham has kicked off his 2018 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship campaign with back-to-back wins at Round 1&2, held in Miva, Qld.

It’s been six years since Grabham last lined up to race Australia’s premier off-road series but as a former AORC champion he wasted no time returning to his winning ways.

Grabham recorded back-to-back wins in the Vets class aboard his Beta 300RR with an overall time three minutes ahead of his closest rivals on both days.

“It’s has been a long time since I have raced one of these events so I was eager to get into it and see how I could go,” said Grabham after the event.”

“Soon as I drove into the Miva property I could see how green it was and how nice the dirt was looking, something I am not normally expecting to see in QLD. Saturday’s track was fairly tight for us but it was perfect for myself to get back into the swing of things. I am not going to lie, my lungs were burning trying to keep up but the Beta 300RR was so much fun and worked so well I was enjoying every minute of it. Results wise, I couldn’t have asked for more after winning every lap in my class.

“Sunday’s track layout was a bit more open and flowing and gave me a chance to open up the 300cc two-stroke, so I was excited for that even though the body was a bit stiff and sore from Saturday’s racing. Sunday was another great days racing as I won every lap and picked up another win.

“I am having so much fun at the moment, I get to ride a bike I get so much enjoyment out of riding and get used products that work. My biggest problem over the weekend was the rear GOLDENTYRE giving me to much grip so that’s a nice problem to have. Next up for racing is the A4DE next month.

Vets Results Round 1
1. Ben Grabham – 58:59.098
2. Richard Chibnall – 1:01:46.687
3. Jade Gartlan – 1:01:49.012
4. Craig Wease – 1:03:45.402
5. Peter Rudd – 1:04:03.484
6. Steven Newman – 1:04:34.407
7. Michael Burgess – 1:05:22.677
8. Ryan Teggart – 1:05:26.153
9. Hugh Howarth – 1:05:55.857
10. Daniel Sawtell – 1:05:57.045

Vets Results Round 2
1. Ben Grabham – 1:03:04.481
2. Richard Chibnall – 1:06:08.459
3. Jade Grartlan – 1:06:11.641
4. Peter Rudd – 1:08:40.492
5. Sean Smith – 1:09:25.268
6. Steven Newman – 1:09:53.088
7. Ryan Teggart – 1:10:20.483
8. Michael Burgess – 1:10:37.344
9. Daniel Sawtell – 1:11:08.411
10. Phillip Chillemi – 1:11:15.709