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Ben Townley to race Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland | News

Former FIM MX2 Motocross World Champion, Ben Townley is coming out of retirement for Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland on November 24.

For Townley, the chance to jump back on the bike and rip it up with the world’s best, in his own backyard, was something the Kiwi legend could not pass up.

“Having an event of this calibre coming to Auckland, you know Superstars coming to New Zealand to race Supercross it’s something that I’ve waited all my life to see so I can’t wait for November 24 and see Mt Smart Stadium full of clay and full of spectators, it’ll be an awesome atmosphere,” Townley said.

“Mt Smart Stadium is an awesome venue, 25,000 seats and it’s a full-size field so we can put a full-size international Supercross track in there and it’s gonna be really cool to see for both riders and spectators which will create a fantastic atmosphere.

“I expect the place [Mt Smart Stadium] to be full, it’s a great venue there’s a massive motorcycling community in Auckland who will love to see an event like this. Supercross is a great spectacle, not only is it great racing it’s the whole show, there will be pyrotechnics and loads of things for the fans to get involved with during the day, meet-n-greet the riders, autograph sessions and it’s just going to be a really great atmosphere on November 24.”

Joining Townley on the first wave of rider announcements is World Number 5 and current Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton from the United States.

Brayton is pumped to be heading to Auckland and the current Australian Supercross Champion is heading to Mt Smart Stadium in top form after a career-best fifth place finish in the World Supercross Championship in 2018 which included his maiden World Supercross Main Event win in Atlanta.

“The Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland is gonna be amazing!” Brayton exclaimed.
“New Zealand has had some incredible riders, in particular Ben Townley who used to ride over in the States with us and is a champion of the sport. I used to watch him all the time and try and replicate his amazing style on the bike, and I think the Kiwi fans should be proud to call him one of their own, he’s a global figure in Supercross and I respect him a lot on and off the track.

“I’ve never been to New Zealand before and its always been on my bucket list to visit so I’m super excited for it, the race is going to be incredible and yeah the Mt Smart Stadium look incredible, it’s gonna be cool to haul a bunch of dirt onto the field and make a Supercross track in there and I hope to see you all there on November 24.”