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bLU cRU Team Managers review AUS-X Open Melbourne | News

With two championships on the line, Yamaha Racing where in the fight in both SX1 (450cc) and SX2 (250cc) with Luke Clout and Dan Reardon flying the flag in the SX1 division.

Aaron Tanti and Jay Wilson in with a mathematical chance of snaring the SX2 class.

Unfortunately, no championships came home to the bLU cRU, but each and every rider put up a valiant fight and the presence of Yamaha Racing was everywhere, from the come and try area in the forecourt on the fun bike range, to the YZ65 Cup, and of course the main events in the championship classes.

Craig Dack – CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team
3rd Josh Hill – SX1
6th Dan Reardon – SX1
7th Luke Clout – SX1

“The night was a great night for our sport and congratulations to AME for having the vision and determination to piece together such an occasion for Australian Supercross. To have 35,0000 people in the stands and it broadcast live on FOXTEL is just the thing for motorcycling in general.

“From a CDR point of view, we had our challenges on the night, but I can’t criticise anyone for not trying their best. Luke came in with a one point lead and took the same aggressive mindset that had led him to this point at the other rounds. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out on the night, but he showed his riding is at a very high level and mixed it up with the biggest names in supercross.

“He didn’t have a great night, but that doesn’t take away from the series he has had and second place is a good achievement for him and another progression in his career.

“Dan also showed at age 32 he is still relevant and finished third in the championship. Like Luke, he didn’t have a great night at Marvel as he crashed in his heat race and was a bit wounded, but he kept plugging away and did enough to keep his podium position in the championship.

“And the final three rounds, it has been our pleasure to host Josh Hill from the US. Josh has been a great asset to the team with his easy going and approachable manner of the track as well as his reformed passion for racing. At the final round he proved that he still has what it takes to race at this level and a third place finish was a good reward for his efforts.

“The weekend also marked the final time Aidan Meltzer worked with us. Aidan has been a technician with the team for the past five years and worked with Dean Ferris, Kirk Gibbs and Dan Reardon. He will always be a great friend of CDR Yamaha and we wish him well as he takes in the rays of the Queensland sunshine with his family in the future.”

Gavin Eales – Serco Yamaha
6th – Connor Tierney – SX2
17th – Aaron Tanti – SX2

“Aaron had been riding supercross really well this year and came into the final round with a legitimate shot at the SX2 title. He was seven points off the lead, but the SX2 class has five or six potential race winners so the points can get tossed around pretty quickly.

“But, it didn’t work out on the night as he had a series of small crashes in the heats and first final before big crash in final two. It was a scary looking fall that saw him assisted from the track by the RACESAFE team and unable to compete for the reminder of the night. It was a crushing way for him to finish a championship after riding so well in the first four rounds.

“Luckily, nothing major was broken or damaged and he will just need some time to rest and recover.

“We had Connor Tierney with us on Saturday Night and he pieced together a very consistent night to take sixth place. Connor proved a worthy fill-in rider for when Jacob Hayes went down, and I thank him for representing the Serco Yamaha team so well during these two rounds.

“As a team we will take some down time to reflect on the year, assess where we need to improve and be back chasing championships in 2020.”

Scott Bishop – Yamalube Yamaha Racing
3rd Jay Wilson – SX2
8th Richie Evans – SX1

“A pretty good way to finish the series with our guys outing in some of their best rides of the year on such a big stage. Jay rode with some real desperation on the weekend and it was good to see him let all his inhibitions and doubts go and just race his bike with passion. He raced like he meant it and while on the edge sometimes, he wanted it and went after it all night.

“I’m sure he isn’t happy with finishing fourth in the series this year after winning it in 2018, but the level of rider in the SX2 class this year was a fast and deep as it has been. You could ride well and finish sixth just as easy to ride well and win the race.

“Richie rode well on his way to eighth on the night and sixth in the championship. He has very little supercross experience and next to none on a 450, so it was a good effort and one he should be proud of. Take a look at the names above him in the results at Marvel, there are no fuel wasters in there and I’m sure lining up next to Chad Reed, Jason Anderson and spinning laps with Ricky Carmichael was a ream at the start of the year.”

Travis Whitten – WBR Yamaha
16th – Hugh McKay
18th – Alex Larwood
DNQ- Jayce Cosford

“We had a busy night with three riders under the care. With the injury to Jack Kukas, we again assisted Jayce Cosford and when the junior events were cancelled, Alex Larwood elected to ride his first professional supercross, so we jumped in and gave him a hand.

“All three riders gained valuable experience from the event and the night will prove to be a memorial one for all of them. Hugh had struggled early in the series but started to find some speed and consistency at the last two rounds so it was pleasing to see his confidence return.

“Alex surprised us when he qualified directly to the main event via his heat. Our goal for him was to just make the 20 rider final and keep getting race starts and laps under his belt. I’m sure his eyes were as big as plates out there as things are pretty intense, but he held his own and will be much better for the experience.

“Unfortunately, Jayce crashed in his heat and then just missed the final by finishing fifth in the Last Chance Qualifier. He had pretty good speed, but supercross can be a cut throat game and while he is disappointed, he will bounce back from this.”