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Clean sweep for Jay Wilson with 4 round wins.

Aussie Jay Wilson continues his winning streak at round 4 of the All-Japanese Motocross Championships, held at the Meihan Sportsland circuit, over the weekend.

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Wilson has 4 round wins and all 9 moto wins in the IA2 (250cc) class so far in 2022 but round four wasn’t without its challenges.

Wilson kept busy testing and working with the product development team over the summer break but was excited to get back on track for round 4 of the series.

Heavy rain made Saturday practice and qualifying muddy and difficult for all riders making it was a good old fashion mud race on Saturday. Thankfully the skies cleared for Sunday and the track crew presented a good track that rutted up and become more technical as the day went on.

The humidity was high and Jay Wilson was already dehydrated and not feeling great but did his best to conserve his energy between races.

Moto 1

Wilson charged into the first turn ahead of the pack but dropped back to 2nd position on corner exit. He quickly regained the lead and then put in some hot laps to get a decent gap back to the rest of the pack. He cleared out to a comfortable lead and maintained it to the end.

Moto 2

Wilson spun up on the start gate and left outside the top five on the now dried track, so he worked hard to move forward. By lap 3 he was into the top 3, then a fallen rider moved him into second before taking first place on the following lap and winning the race by just over 10 seconds.

“I’m pretty happy to get this one out of the way and get the win again,” Jay Wilson begins. “I had one good start and one average start, and the good start certainly makes life easier than having to come through the riders early in the race as it gets chaotic in there.

“This track was also slow and tight in sections so passing wasn’t easy and, it’s a different dirt to the other tracks we race. It’s not sand, but it is softer and not the hard based clay a lot of the Japanese circuits are, so I enjoyed the change of terrain.

“Overall, it was a good day all things considered. I still don’t feel great and yesterday was a real struggle, so I’m glad to get through and get another win and keep the victories coming for the Factory Yamaha Racing Team. I feel like I had some food poisoning or something like that as I couldn’t keep much down and felt really dehydrated as a result. Then, it was hot and humid, so I was pretty drained at the end of that second race.

“But awesome to get another win and thanks to everyone at Yamaha for making it happen. We still have a few more rounds to go, so nothing changes for myself and the team, we will stick at it and work hard right to the end.

“Also, a quick shoutout to everyone back home in Australia who keep in touch and offer support, its nice to know they follow what I do,”.

Round five is at Kyushu, Kamamoto on October 8 and 9.

Watch all the action from Japan below.

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