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Council Support New Rhythm X Event | Latest

Support is building for Australia’s first Rhythm X, with Northern Midlands Council committing to a three-year partnership with Rhythm X.

Construction of the new track at Symmon’s Plains is underway for Rhythm X, with American based Jason Baker spending time designing and building the purpose built dirt track.

This new support from Northern Midlands Council is further evidence of the local enthusiasm for the event, with the November 19 event likely to bring a significant number of visitors to the area. Northern Midlands Acting Mayor Richard Goss said “Council is pleased to be supporting this exciting first time event in Tasmania. This is a form of motorbike racing never seen before in this state, and it’s happening right here in our backyard”.

Rhythm X will be an Australian first showcasing the new rhythm racing format previously only seen in the US the last few years. It is a 400m long dead straight track design with all the normal supercross elements but only two riders side by side at one time.

“This fresh support from Northern Midlands Council is terrific. Obviously we’re investing a lot into building the facility, so support like this will go a long way to helping us promote the event and educate sports fans on how exciting this Australian first will be,” Event Director Richard Stevenson said.

“The crowds will be able to witness this super exciting type of racing for the first time in Australia, but there will also be a traditional supercross track and competition along with some other serious entertainment on the day,” Stevenson added.

Tickets are on sale now, with tickets and information available at