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Czech Republic MXGP Rider Quotes | Latest

What the riders thought of their performance at the Czech Republic MXGP.

Max Nagl – First MXGP
“It was a great GP for us. Despite only having the 14th gate pick, I managed to get two great starts in the final motos. In the first race I quickly passed Gautier Paulin for the lead and started pushing hard as I knew Tim Gajser was following me. I wanted to avoid being passed by any means, so I gave it all to remain out front until the end. In the second race Tim got the lead right after the start and I was third behind Butron. I quickly passed him and started putting in fast laps to close the gap to Tim. My plan was to put pressure on him and that’s exactly what happened. He made a mistake a few laps before the end and when I got the lead I just went for it. Getting two race wins for my first overall victory this season is just great. It’s so good for the team and a great confidence booster for me as well. I want to enjoy the moment and this victory and I’m looking forward to the next GP in Lommel.”
Romanian Febvre – Third MXGP
“For sure I am happy to be back on my YZ450FM and racing again. I was out for nearly one month to recover from my crash in England, and in that time I missed some training because it was not possible to get on the bike until I recovered completely. I was fine physically, but the reaction time between my vision and my brain needed rest and attention in order to come back. Now I am 100 percent and it’s very good to get this result today.

“The conditions here were very slippery, because this is hardpack and there was a little bit of rain today. Next week we go back to the heavy sand at Lommel and it will be a very differenty GP in Belgium.”

Tony Cairoli – Seventh MXGP
“I was back on the KTM 350 SX-F after almost a year. The race didn’t go how I wanted for sure but we had a good feeling with the bike in the time practice. I was able to improve my speed from before and I felt better on the bike overall. But we messed up the starts because it was almost a year since I started on the 350. On this track if you have a bad start you don’t go anywhere. You could see that with Nagl. He wasn’t the fastest in practice but in the races he had two good starts and he won.”


Dylan Ferrandis – First MX2
“I’m very happy to win this GP, and to win both races. My start was not as good as my main rivals, but at mid race I was leading the pack; Anstie was right behind me, it was tough with the rain but finally Anstie crashed when he tried to do a block pass. Thanks to all the people who are behind me, and also to all my fans, this win is also yours!”

Jeremy Seewer – Second MX2
“I’m pretty happy. I had a little bit of fear of pushing too hard today; Loket is a special track and you can very easily get things wrong and make a big mistake. The weather changed quite a bit and it was tricky out there. Anstie and Ferrandis just had that extra half a second a lap today but I’m quite pleased to make the podium again and take some good points. Anyway, onto the sand now!”

Max Anstie – Third MX2
“It was a solid weekend for sure and we can be happy with it. All of my practise sessions and races were good and I felt pretty good on my bike. It was nice to get a podium result in this track, even though I know we could have done even better. In moto one I didn’t get a good start and had to battle through the pack for second. Then in moto two, Ferrandis and I had almost the same speed and it was really hard to make a pass on the track. I tried really hard to pass him for the overall win, but it didn’t end up so well. I’d used a lot of my energy trying to come forward in moto one so there was not much left in the tank. It’s just one of those things. We just have to make the best of it and go again next week. We’re now heading to Lommel. I really like the track and I won there the last two years, so It should be good.”