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Motocross legend, Doug Henry, will ride his Stark VARG at the FIM World VETs Motocross at Farleigh Castle later this year.

Legendary motocross champion Doug Henry is set to make waves on track at the upcoming World VETs MX Race at Farleigh Castle, riding the Stark VARG. This exciting announcement marks a significant milestone in both Henry’s illustrious career and the evolving landscape of motocross.

Doug Henry, a multiple-time AMA motocross and supercross champion, is renowned for his pioneering spirit and resilience. This event will be particularly significant as it marks Henry’s first race abroad since the pre-fourstroke era, highlighting his long-standing impact on the sport. Known for his incredible comeback stories and contributions to motocross, Henry’s participation in the World VETs Motocross is highly anticipated. Fans and fellow competitors alike are eager to witness the synergy between Henry’s skill and the cutting-edge technology of the Stark VARG.

Innovative Technology Meets Legendary Talent

The Stark VARG is a game-changer in the world of motocross. As the world’s most advanced electric motocross bike, it combines unparalleled power, agility, and sustainability. Designed to outperform traditional combustion engines, the VARG offers riders a unique and exhilarating experience. Henry’s choice to ride the Stark VARG highlights his commitment to innovation and the future of motocross.

Overcoming Adversity with Innovation

Doug Henry’s journey in motocross is marked by resilience and innovation. After a severe crash in 2007 that left him paralyzed, Henry did not let this setback halt his racing career. He adapted by using a specially designed riding harness that includes a lap belt and foot stirrups to keep him securely on the bike. This adaptation has allowed him to continue participating in motocross events and even compete in adaptive sports, showcasing his determination and love for the sport.

The World VETs MX will take place on the 20th/ 21st July at Farleigh Castle, UK. The event is a celebration of motocross heritage, bringing together veteran riders from around the globe. Doug Henry’s participation is set to be one of the highlights, with fans excited to see a living legend in action once more.

“I’ve been on the bike for a week now and it’s working great¨, said Doug, ¨I’m really excited to see what the VARG can do for all us adapted riders. Right now I’m getting ready for one of my first races oversees in over a decade and I can´t wait to line up next to some of my old rivals at World Vets”

Anton Wass, commented “We are incredibly proud to have Doug Henry riding the VARG. His legacy in motocross is unparalleled, and his endorsement of our technology is a testament to the performance and potential of our bike. This is a significant moment for the sport and for our company.”

About Doug Henry

Doug Henry is a celebrated motocross and supercross champion, known for his tenacity, skill, and groundbreaking achievements. Overcoming numerous challenges throughout his career, Henry has become a symbol of perseverance and innovation in the sport. He continues to inspire with his use of adaptive technology, proving that limitations can be overcome with ingenuity and determination.