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DSMRA Denman Run Access | Features

The Denman Run, an annual trail ride from Webbs Creek to Denman organised by the legends at DSMRA, has been run and won.

But how does a ride of this caliber come together? It sees riders conquer Martindale Trail, Commission Trail and Womerah Range Trail, which are otherwise off-limits to any motorized vehicles except for those with DSMRA sweep riders in tow.

Blokes like DSMRA national vice-president and Sydney DSMRA stalwart Tim Clarke are, quite simply, salt of the earth, and go way too under-appreciated for all the work they do in making rides possible for the rest of us.

A mighty fine old bastard, Clarkey belies his 60 years and was well and truly over everything to do with the organisation of the DSMRA’s Denman Run. He had his fingers in all the pies right the way through the ride process.

But arguably Clarkey’s mightiest achievement with the Denman Run was securing access through two sections of National Parks and Wildlife Service wilderness areas that are off-limits to motorised vehicles – save for emergency services access.

“Getting access to go through those areas was involved, as we had to gain approvals from local landowners to pass through their properties on the Parks’ boundaries, and then take those approvals to National Parks with proof of the DSMRA’s insurance and meet their requirements to ultimately get the green light,” Clarkey explains.

“But there’s no question it was worth it. Both sections were brilliant additions to the ride and it was actually quite a buzz to know we were granted permission.”

Of course the bona fides of the DSMRA were key to Clarkey’s success with NPWS.

“Annual rider membership fees go directly toward meeting the DSMRA’s insurance costs and it’s that insurance that helps the DSMRA to get access to areas like we had on the Denman ride,” says Clarkey.

“Something as simple as being a member of the DSMRA will help give any DSMRA branch and members access to insurance to get through tracks that might otherwise be restricted.”