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Eddie Karlsson and the Stark VARG Triumph at the Battle of Veklings Extreme Enduro in Sweden in an incredible ride.

In a historical achievement, Eddie Karlsson riding the Stark VARG have emerged victorious at the 2024 Battle of Veklings Extreme Enduro, solidifying a place in the annals of extreme motorcycling history.

Riding the Stark VARG, Karlsson defied all doubts surrounding electric motorcycles in enduro racing, showcasing the formidable capabilities of the Stark Future factory’s cutting-edge technology.

The Battle of Veklings Extreme Enduro, part of the Korståget series (The Crusade), presented a grueling challenge for riders and machines alike. Undeterred, Karlsson navigated the demanding course alongside seasoned competitors, ultimately claiming victory with a remarkable lead (over 20 minutes) ahead of his nearest rival, Magnus Thor, riding a combustion bike.

What sets Karlsson’s triumph apart is not only his exceptional skill and determination but also the groundbreaking performance of the Stark VARG. Throughout the entirety of the race, including the adrenaline-fueled start, Karlsson’s onboard footage offers a riveting glimpse into his electrifying journey to victory (Watch Here). Despite the demanding terrain and intense competition, Karlsson completed the 2-hour, 20-minute ordeal with nearly 30% battery life remaining, dispelling any lingering skepticism about the competitiveness of the VARG´s capabilities and Range in the realm of extreme enduro.

The resounding success of Eddie Karlsson at the Battle of Veklings Extreme Enduro serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence within the Stark Future. As the boundaries of possibility continue to be pushed, Karlsson’s victory stands as a beacon of inspiration for riders and enthusiasts worldwide, affirming the limitless potential of electric motorcycles in the most challenging of environments.