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First Look: 2017 Honda CRF450R | Latest

The highly anticipated 2017 Honda CRF450R has broken cover with extensive changes to the frame and engine making this model all-new from the ground up.

The all new 2017 CRF450R. Reimagined. The first ‘from the ground-up’ redesign of the CRF450R for eight years, packing a powered-up HRC designed engine with an 11% overall power boost and stronger torque right through the rev range. Its got an all-new seventh generation aluminium frame, reworked chassis geometry, lower centre of gravity and factory driven 49mm Showa steel spring front fork. A titanium fuel tank, smooth, aerodynamically-efficient plastics and for the first time, the option of electric start completes this ultimate package.


The 2017 Honda CRF450R; it looks different, feels different and delivers a whole new rider experience – in plain and simple terms it’s faster, much faster.

The CRF450R has defined the art of balance, with an engine that produces hard-hitting usable power in a race-ready package since 2002.

It’s always been a machine that offers total control, together with the durability and longevity that Honda is long famed for.


The 2017 model is reimagined, it’s the first ‘from the ground-up’ redesign of the CRF450R for eight years and packs a powered-up HRC designed engine with an 11% overall power boost, and stronger torque right through the rev range.

It gets an all-new seventh generation aluminium frame with new chassis geometry, lower centre of gravity and a titanium fuel tank making it lighter and more compact.

The new CRF450R is fitted with factory driven 49mm Showa USD coil spring front forks, developed from a version supplied to MX race teams. They are everything one would expect from effectively race-spec suspension, the out of the crate fork action is supple, smooth and fully in control.


For the very first time, an electric-start kit is available on the CRF450R. Kit specification and local availability will be announced later.

The body is more compact with aerodynamically-efficient plastics with feature film insert graphics for optimum scratch resistance and a bolder effect.

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Large Project Leader (LPL) for the 2017 CRF450R, Mr M. Uchiyama described the new model as a complete change from previous models, “Nothing has been overlooked and we have been relentless in our effort to provide customers with a machine that’s ahead of the pack” he said.

Direct input from Honda’s MX GP and AMA teams highlighted the need to develop a race partner with the unoquivical need to be first out of the gate, first into turn 1 and to punch out a blistering lap time.

Honda have taken this literally with the design inspiration completely underpinned by creating a machine that is the ‘Absolute Holeshot.’


Mr Uchiyama talked of the central focus on ‘producing a new model with execptional engine performance, engine power, low centre of gravity and to offer outstanding rear wheel traction’ all in the one package.

“We are proud to give a machine with this kind of performance to motocross lovers worldwide.” He added.

It’s a lot to take in; a complete redesign and geometric rework that’s resulted in a stronger, lighter, sharper, faster machine… Christmas might arrive that little bit earlier this year.

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