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FIRST LOOK: 2019 BMW F 850 GS Adventure | News

BMW has unveiled the new F 850 GS Adventure, a new model based on the F 850 GS but with increased offroad ability.

Following the newly developed BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS presented in autumn 2017, the new F 850 GS Adventure now expands the premium BMW Motorrad range in this segment.
The highlights of the new BMW F 850 GS Adventure:

– 2-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 853 cm³ and 70 kW (95 hp) at 8 250 rpm and 92 Nm at 6 250 rpm.
– 90-degree crankpin offset and 270/450-degree ignition spacing.
– New steel bridge frame for increased robustness and riding precision.
– New upside-down 43mm telescopic fork with 230mm of travel.
– Rear suspension travel 215mm
– ABS, ASC and the riding modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard.
– Riding modes Pro with ABS Pro and dynamic brake light, DTC and the new riding modes “Dynamic”, “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” as optional equipment.
– Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA as an optional equipment item.
– New onboard electrical system with more powerful alternator and starter.
– LED headlamp as standard.
– LED daytime riding light and LED additional light as optional equipment.
– Connectivity with multifunctional instrument cluster including 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen and numerous features as an optional equipment feature.
– “Intelligent emergency call” eCall for help as optional equipment.
– Optimised off-road and travel suitability along with improved wind and weather protection.
– Optimised ergonomics, especially for dedicated off-road riding.
– 23 litre fuel tank for ranges up to 550 kilometres and more.
– New colour along with the two style variants Rallye and Exclusive.


New, powerful and refined 2-cylinder in-line engine with 90 degree crankpin offset and 270/450 degree ignition spacing.
The twin-cylinder engine features a 90 degree crankpin offset and 270/450 degree ignition spacing. Vibrations are absorbed by the new engine’s two counterbalance shafts. A self-amplifying, anti-hopping clutch not only provides a discernible reduction in the hand clutch operating force but also enhances safety on the road through the drop in engine drag torque. Power transmission to the rear wheel comes from the six-speed gearbox with secondary drive that is now positioned on the left-hand side.

The engine displacement is now 853 cm³ (compared with 798 cm³ in the previous model), resulting from a bore of 84 mm and stroke of 77 mm. The new F 850 GS Adventure generates 70 kW (95 hp) at 8 250 rpm and develops a maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6 250 rpm.

The riding modes “Road” and “Rain” plus ABS and ASC ensure plenty of riding enjoyment and enhanced safety as standard. Pro riding modes available as optional equipment.
The new F850 GS Adventure addresses individual rider requirements by offering “Rain” and “Road” riding modes as standard, while the combination of BMW Motorrad ABS and the ASC automatic stability control ensure a high level of safety. Thanks to the standard dynamic brake light, traffic behind the rider is made even more aware of the braking motorcycle. The F 850 GS Adventure can be fitted ex works with optional equipment, such as “Pro” riding modes and in turn the additional “Dynamic”, “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” riding modes as well as the DTC dynamic traction control and banking capable ABS Pro.

Pro riding modes in conjunction with DTC dynamic traction control and ABS Pro available as optional equipment ex works
The new F 850 GS Adventure can be equipped with the “Pro riding modes” option as optional equipment ex works. It additionally features the riding modes “Dynamic” and “Enduro” as well as the DTC dynamic traction control and the curve-optimised ABS Pro with dynamic brake light. The “Enduro Pro” ride mode, which is activated by means of an encoding plug, offers additional customisation options for altering the vehicle characteristics in accordance with rider needs and further increases the riding enjoyment available with the F 850 GS Adventure.

In “Dynamic” mode, the sporty side of the new F 850 GS Adventure is ready for intensive discovery on the road. The engine coordination then obeys optimum throttle response, and the DTC and ABS Pro systems are coordinated for road use with high frictional values. If fitted, the Dynamic ESA is set to the default “Road” configuration.

In “Enduro” mode, the offroad capabilities of the new F 850 GS Adventure can be experienced particularly impressively and intensively. This mode offers a soft engine response and the restrained intervention by the DTC allows an experienced rider to perform deliberate and controlled drifting. This characteristic, as with that of ABS Pro, is configured for loose surfaces and road enduro tyres, typical of terrain situations. The coordination of the Dynamic ESA function is set to meet the needs of terrain riding and configured with the “Enduro” setting.

Ambitious enduro riders can tap into the full off-road performance in “Enduro Pro” mode. This riding mode is configured for the use of lugged tyres and is activated by a specially coded plug. With “Enduro Pro” the rider can individually configure and combine characteristics such as throttle response, DTC and ABS Pro. Here too Dynamic ESA is modified for offroad use and is set to the “Enduro” value.

New sheet steel bridge frame, optimised suspension geometry and new positioning of the 23-litre fuel tank.
The bridge frame of the new F 850 GS Adventure is made of deep-drawn, welded components. It integrates the 2-cylinder in-line engine as a co-supporting element. The fuel tank holds 23 litres and permits a range of 550 kilometres and more in combination with the model’s low fuel consumption.

Optional equipment and accessories
The new F 850 GS Adventure is being launched with a range of equipment options. Whether different seat heights, such as the seat bench for two (corresponds to standard F 850 GS seat bench), the case holder for a the aluminium cases and trim panels, the new full LED headlight as well as the LED additional headlight, the Connectivity equipment with 6.5 inch full colour TFT display or the intelligent emergency eCall, the list of fascinating features for maximising riding enjoyment and enjoying the thrill of the road is now virtually inexhaustible for middle class touring enduro motorcycles.

Fast assistance in the event of an emergency – the “Intelligent Emergency Call” function available ex works as optional equipment.
For the new F 850 GS Adventure there is an optional equipment function called “Intelligent Emergency Call”, it is an eCall system designed to bring assistance to an accident site as quickly as possible. If an emergency situation or an accident occurs, the intelligent emergency call is activated automatically or manually, sending the position data of the motorcycle, and therefore the coordinates of the scene of the accident, setting the rescue chain in motion via the qualified BMW Call Center. The person involved can speak to the BMW Call Centre in his own national language. eCall requires a connection to the mobile phone network in order to trigger the rescue chain. The operating unit for eCall is located in the right-hand half of the handlebars and is both compact and ergonomically designed. In addition to the cover-protected SOS button for triggering or interrupting the emergency call, there is also an integrated microphone and speaker.