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First Look: Husqvarna 701 SUPERMOTO & 701 ENDURO | Latest

Husqvarna Motorcycles has unveiled its new 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO boasting the most powerful single cylinder engine ever developed by Husqvarna.

The new engine delivers an additional (4.5kW) 6 hp and 3.0 Nm of torque over the previous generation while also meeting EURO IV emission levels.

The Keihin electronic fuel injection features a new 50 mm throttle body that has no mechanical linkage to the throttle grip and offers better throttle response and ride-ability at small throttle valve positions.

=>Increased power & torque of 74 hp & 71.0 Nm
=>An additional 1000 rpm of usable power
=>Reduced oscillating masses for lower vibrations
=>New intake resonator for improved response at low rpm
=>Long service intervals & low fuel consumption
=>Single overhead cam
=>Double spark plugs
=>Large bore & short stroke [105 mm & 80 mm]
=>Forged aluminium piston
=>Ride-by-wire electronics


The new engine offers an additional 1,000 rpm of usable power. Husqvarna have given the new 701 ENDURO a fresh look, with a white, blue and yellow colour scheme subtly enhancing the minimalistic and modern design.

=>Improved power-to-weight ratio
=>Advanced electronics for smooth power delivery & sharp throttle response
=>Advanced safety thanks to Bosch ABS
=>21’’ – 18’’ high strength DID wheels
=>Competition-level suspension with 275 mm of travel & great adjustability
=>Extensive range of accessories

Husqvarna 701


Featuring a maximum power output of 74 hp and a torque of 71.0 Nm the updated single-cylinder engine leaves no doubt regarding performance. Combining the highest quality components with the latest electronics in terms of engine management, the new 701 SUPERMOTO takes performance and agility to a whole new level.

=>Pure, uncompromising supermoto performance
=>Astounding power-to-weight ratio
=>Ride-by-wire throttle delivers maximum thrills
=>Competition-level brakes for maximum stopping power
=>Advanced safety thanks to Bosch ABS
=>Black anodised tubeless 17’’ wheels
=>Wide range of accessories to enhance looks & performance

Husqvarna 701