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Gaerne GX1 Review | Back End | Features | Product Evaluations

I took possession of a set of Gaerne GX1 boots a few months back and have been giving them hell in the bush and on the track.

The GX1 is an entry-level number, with a structural-support design that uses two anti-torsion lugs that slide into inside pockets.

We Rate

QUALITY The Italians seem to make a good-quality boot. While the GX1 might come with a lower price tag than the SG12 you still get a boot that is made with the same quality standards.
BREAK IN I have worn boots that were so stiff that they took several rides to break in. The GX1s were quite easy to break in. They took only about 30 minutes of riding before the stiffness went away and I started to feel comfortable in them.
BANG FOR BUCK Gaerne list the GX1 as an entry-level boot but, in my opinion, it is better than that. The protection and quality are beyond any other entry-level boots I have seen. They do come with a slightly higher price tag than a normal beginner boot but the extra quality and protection is worth it.
TRADITIONAL SOLE Some might consider the traditional sole old school but we find we get better traction in the bush with the traditional sole rather than a moulded one.

Don’t Rate

WEAR The only part of these boots that is showing much wear is a small leather section on the inside of the boots between the plastic protective sections. This part seems to rub on the bike and degrade. The rest of the boots aren’t showing much wear at all, just a few scuff marks.
WHITE White boots became a fashion statement about 10 years ago. I still think they look awesome when new but I am sick of getting out the sugar soap to scrub them clean after each ride.


The GX1 has really surprised me. When I heard they were an entry-level boot I was not expecting much but they boast the same quality as Gaerne’s much dearer SG12. The SG12 is stiffer but feels heavier.

The GX1 is an easy boot to wear and still provides loads of protection and support for an entry-level boot. I feel confident wearing them and they have stood up to all kinds of abuse. I am a huge Gaerne fan and these new boots change nothing. They have worn well, they are comfortable and while the price tag may be a little dearer than other entry-level boots they are worth every cent. Tech Ed Mat Boyd

Price: $329.95
Phone: (02) 8882 1900