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Galfer discs will be the official supplier of disc brakes for the all-new Triumph TF 250-X when it lands in Australia next year.

On  Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the historic and iconic British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph officially unveiled the new TF 250-X to the world, marking its debut in the Motocross arena and Galfer have been named as the official supplier of OEM disc brakes.

Galfer will outfit the TF 250-X motorcycles with its state-of-the-art Disc Wave® brake rotors. Developed exclusively for Triumph, these discs stand out for their lightweight and high-performance design, with a minimum weight of 380 grams for the front disc in size ø260 mm (3 mm thickness) and 399 grams for the rear disc in size ø220 mm (4 mm thickness). Precision-manufactured through laser cutting, tempering, painting, CNC machining, and grinding, they offer exceptional quality that perfectly aligns with the distinction of the Triumph TF 250-X.

Triumph selected Galfer as its OEM supplier due to its reputation for quality, technology, and performance in braking systems. Ensuring precise, modular, and always-ready braking, Galfer brake discs meet the highest quality standards that Triumph has set for its innovative TF 250-X motorcycle, catering to Motocross enthusiasts.

Ivo Franz Martini Bristot, Commercial Director of Galfer:

At Galfer, we feel honored to be part of Triumph’s return to the off-road world with the TF 250-X. We have put forth our utmost effort, collaborating directly with Triumph engineers to create a high-performance product tailored to the characteristics of this spectacular motorcycle. Our Wave discs have been developed to consistently deliver top-notch performance in all situations, contributing to the safety and performance of the new TF-250-X.