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Galfer have partnered with Ducati to become the official braking disc for the new motocross team riding the Desmo450 MX with Brembos.

Galfer, is proud to be part of this new and exciting chapter in the world of Motocross by equipping the Ducati Desmo450 MX motorbikes with its iconic and constantly evolving Disc Wave brake discs

Galfer’s Disc Wave discs are distinguished by their lightweight and high-performance design, the new Desmo450 MX will be equipped with a 260mm diameter front disc and a 240mm diameter rear disc.

Manufactured with precision through laser cutting, tempering, painting, CNC machining and grinding, they offer exceptional quality that is perfectly in line with the high quality standards to which Ducati has always accustomed its admirers and enthusiasts.

Developed in collaboration with Motocross legend Tony Cairoli in partnership with multiple Italian champion Alessandro Lupino, the new Ducati Desmo 450MX will be equipped with a Desmo engine, in keeping with Ducati tradition, which will guarantee a much higher rev range than its European and Japanese rivals and will feature futuristic lines and technical solutions.

Equipped with the best components on the market, the Ducati Desmo 450MX stands out not only for its eye-catching design but also for its exceptional performance. This successful project reflects Ducati’s dedication to excellence and the strategic choice of collaborators such as Galfer to offer an unprecedented riding experience in the world of motocross.

The Galfer-equipped Desmo450 MX will be raced this year, in the Italian Motocross Pro – Prestige MX1 Championship, by the Ducati Corse R&D – Factory MX Team with the main objective of acquiring data and information in this first season of racing and contributing to the development of the Desmo450 MX that will go into production in the second half of 2025.

Alessandro Lupino will take part in all the races of the Italian Championship, as well as in an intense test programme in which he will be joined by Antonio Cairoli.

The first track date is for 16 and 17 March in Mantova for the first round of the Italian Motocross Pro – Prestige MX1 Championship