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Getting into racing | Back End

Lee Hogan’s top five tips for getting into racing.

Lee Hogan is not only ADB’s MX Editor but also one of the country’s top motocross coaches. His business, BCP (Building Champions Program), is one of the leading schools and has been responsible for teaching many top riders the fundamentals of the sport.

Starting you’re racing career can be a scary prospect, but with a few simple steps, it can be quite easy. Here are Lee’s five tips for kids who want to get into racing:

1.Get yourself a motorcycle that is suited to your age, riding level and body size. If you are not sure what bike to look for, get some advice from an expert or experienced rider.

2.Make sure you have all the safety gear that is required for riding. This includes a helmet, boots, armour, gloves, goggles, jersey and pants. Knee braces are a big one as it is important to protect your knees from injury. Make sure all the gear is fitted correctly and in working order.

3. Join a motorcycle club. This will not only give you a place to ride, but you will also get to know people in the industry and in the racing scene. You can find a complete list of clubs at

4. Get some quality coaching. Whether it’s private tuitions or group coaching, this will help you learn the fundamentals. You can find info on my own schools at

5. Once you have the above steps covered and you feel comfortable on the bike, line yourself up for your first club race.