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Goggleman Prescription Lens Adaptor | Back End | Product Evaluations

Goggleman Prescription Lens Adaptor is a custom made prescription lens that fits snug under your goggles, eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses when you ride.


Price: $285.00

Where: Carbury Aubert Pty Ltd,, 1300 464 453

There’s nothing like a detached retina to get you thinking about eye protection, especially if your father and grandfather are both blind in one eye … and they don’t even ride KTMs! Despite the family history, I’ve always been a bit slack about goggles because I usually wear prescription glasses but, although the detached retina was the result of a genetic condition, I was glad I’d already organised a prescription goggle adaptor.

The Goggleman adaptor looks like a pair of big prescription glasses with a clear plastic frame but a couple of T-pieces on top, instead of arms on the sides. It fits inside motocross and skiing goggles. Ours came with a pair of Scott Tyrants supplied by Goggleman for $98.95 with a tasteful ‘blue chrome’ lense so the punters won’t even know I’ve got six eyes.

The company stocks a range of Scott, Oakley and Spy goggles that fit the same RX adaptor, which comes from the USA, but the thing can be configured to suit eight or nine brands so you can obviously cut the cost if your existing goggles will do the job. The Australian-made polycarbonate lenses are cut to your prescription in Goggleman’s laboratory in Colac, Vic, and treated with an anti-fog coating.

Free shipping is available Australia wide and there’s a 90-day, money-back guarantee. These guys are definitely the go-to team for active-sports prescription eyewear. Our main concern with something like this is the prospect of dust not only getting on the goggle lense but also on the adaptor lenses inside.

The Scott Tyrants are top quality and have a good layer of foam over the vents so we’re pretty optimistic about them keeping the dust out no matter how bad it gets this summer. So far so good.