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Helmet Cameras Banned From Motorcycle Competition | Latest

Motorcycling Australia has clarified the new rule surrounding the use of action sports cameras during competition stating cameras can not be mounted on a rider's helmet.

The new rule affects a number dirtbike disciplines including Motocross, Supercross, Classic MX and Classic Dirt Track, Enduro, ATV, Speedway, Dirt Track, Track, Trial, Minikhana.

As stated in Motorcycling Australia’s 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport;

Cameras may be fitted to the motorcycle provided they are securely mounted. Camera mounts are subject to approval by the Chief Scrutineer. Helmet cameras are not permitted unless the camera is integrated into the helmet, by design of the manufacturer.

The term “helmet camera” as outlined in the above GCRs is intended to define all components of a camera that attaches to a helmet in anyway, including any mounting device.

All helmets are to remain free from all modifications or attachments relating to the use of Cameras.

The new rule prohibits riders to wear a helmet camera during practice and racing at any level of competition unless the camera is integrated into the helmet by design of the manufacturer. Simply put, to be legal the camera must be built into the helmet at the factory by the manufacturer – there isn’t a helmet like this on the market.

If you still want to capture your racing there is no mention in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport suggesting cameras can’t be mounted on a rider’s chest – a good alternate mounting option for capturing point of view action.

Road racing and Supermoto are also affected by the rule.