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Honda Talon 1000R in dealers this month | News

The Talon 1000R will be available in Honda dealers this month in Pearl Reaper Red, for an MLP of $31,999, with its first public appearance this week, on display at Westfield Carousel in Perth.

Honda’s highly anticipated Talon offers a new level of off-road excitement, precision, performance and quality to Sport side-by-side driving. Honda’s first Sports SXS, designed for high speeds, open terrain, chock-full of technical innovation, and of course, it’s built with that legendary Honda quality.

Drawing on countless hours of collaborative development in both two- and four-wheel design and racing, as well as automotive and motorcycle manufacturing knowhow and safety expertise, the Talon pushes the envelope of what is possible in a production Sport side-by-side.

The Talon R specialises in high-speed driving associated with open terrain. Suspension design and components are set up for big air and hitting obstacles at velocity, so for wide-open adventurists, the Talon R is ready for anything the horizon offers.

Under the hood is a 999cc parallel-twin engine in a one-piece frame, with a double-wishbone front-suspension layout and a 4+ Link rear configuration. The shocks are Fox Podium QS3 units that have 449 mm front and 510 mm rear suspension travel. The combination results in remarkable performance in diverse situations, but is particularly impressive in high-speed, rough conditions. The 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) has high-low sub-transmission and automatic and manual modes, Ignition Feedback Control for faster gear changes and on-the-fly, changing between 2WD and 4WD via dash-mounted switch that operates at any engine speed.

2019 Talon 1000R

Intake and exhaust valves are tuned for performance; it has piston oil jets to ensure a consistent engine temperature and engine longevity as well as an oversized radiator and fan, again all considerations tailored to providing optimum performance.

It’s packed with Honda’s newest and innovative technologies, including Honda’s I-4WD, introduced on the Pioneer 1000 LE, as the Powersports industry’s first and only off-road brake traction control system (BTCS), and it has been specifically adapted to Sport side-by-side use for the Talon. The system manages the amount of slip between left and right front wheels, applying torque to the wheel with greater grip. The result is excellent traction and tracking performance in tough off-road conditions, with reduced steer effort and kickback compared to a standard differential lock.

The system also incorporates an Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system (EBD), which strategically applies braking force to optimize stability under braking, minimizing rear-chassis lift when in two-wheel drive. It also has Hill Start Assist (HSA), a largest in-class driveshaft, and robust U-Joints for maximum impact survival and torsional strength. Further proving that the Talon is ready for the gruelling conditions typical of Sport side-by-side driving.

2019 Talon 1000R