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How To Load a Dirt Bike | How To

So you’re not tall enough to walk down the side of your new 4x4 ute when loading your bike and you don’t have a step to stand on to get into the tray with your bike. Never fear, human winch is here!

Get a good run-up and make sure you have plenty of speed.
Ideally you want to try and roll the bike all the way into the ute’s tub without using the human winch, so give it your all.
With both hands on the handlebar make a run at the ramp but don’t catch your old fella (or sheila) on the tailgate.

When you reach the apex of the ramp you’re likely to lose momentum and either start rolling back or have the bike fall on top of you. If this happens, scream for help in a high-pitched voice so your mates don’t miss a minute of the action.
It’s about this time you want to be preparing to grab the rear knobby with your right hand.

As the bike stops rolling forward up the ramp, quickly grab the rear tyre with your right hand.
You should be able to hold some of the knobs with your fingers.
Once you can confidently hold the bike without it rolling back, begin to turn the knobby to get the bike the rest of the way up the ramp. Once your hand reaches the top of the tyre, quickly grab another set of knobs lower down the back.

Keep your left hand on the left-hand grip and use it to steer the bike into the ute. You can angle the front wheel either into the corner of the ute or straight into the rear if your arms are long enough.
Do not let go of the grip or the bike will turn towards you.
If you’re on the right side of the ute you can use the front brake as well.

Once the rear wheel rolls over the top of the ramp it will become easier to “winch” the bike on. If the bike is too far away from you it may be hard to reach the rear wheel from the side of the tray. Make sure the bike is closest to the side your are loading from and watch where you’re walking so you don’t run into the ute.

Once the bike is in the tub it will be easy to move the rear wheel to position it where you need it. Don’t forget to tie it in. Editor Mitch Lees

Quick Tips

If the bike is too far away in the tub it is likely you won’t be able to reach the handlebar or rear wheel once the bike crests the ramp. Make sure it is as close as possible, otherwise you will have to start again.
You can actually use this technique to get a bike out of a ute. It’s a little more difficult and requires more muscle and control. If you’re using this method to unload I would only recommend doing it from the right-hand side so you can grab the brake.
This technique should only be used when a stepladder or second person isn’t available to help load your bike. There is a chance something could go wrong and if it does you’ll have a bruised bike, ute and ego.