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HOW TO PRO: Berm Blasting with Jay Wilson | How To

No one likes to post dodgy images of themselves on Instagram. Armed with nothing more than a beat-up iPhone and a loamy turn, even the ugliest riders can look pretty for a nano-second.

Jay Wilson of the Yamalube Yamaha Racing Team shows you how to become a berm blasting hero, even if it was just for a few fleeting moments.

Jay Wilson Berm Blasting Step 1
Pick your corner. This one is a right-hander, although many riders will feel a little more comfortable on a left-hander as they can control their speed better with the use of the rear brake. The main goal here is roost, right? So, pick a turn that is full of loose, loamy dirt at the top and looks like it will explode on impact. That way, even if your technique is wrong, the flying debris of shattered berm will make it look good and cover you so no one can see your dodgy technique.

Jay Wilson Berm Blasting Step 2
The goal here isn’t speed, so you don’t want to come in too fast. What you are trying to do is get dirt moving so come in a little slower than normal but make your turn much tighter. The sure-fire way for an Insta banger is to have dirt coming from the front and rear tyres at the same time. So, I cruised in here in second gear, got the front tyre up to the top of the berm where the powder is and just cranked it hard down to the right. You have to keep the throttle on, or the bike will want to bury itself in the dirt and stall and you might want to keep your weight over the front in case the rear grabs and you fire off into a Mad Skills wheelie out of there.

Step 3
Now, once you have started your sharp turn, you have to stay committed to it. Basically, what you are doing is a 180-degree change of direction at the top of the berm. So, you need to keep the change of direction going and you need to keep the throttle on. The rear wheel will dig into the powder and destroy the berm and your racing mates will hate you as they will need to re-shape the corner again, but if it gets 50 likes on Instagram, it was worth it, right.

Step 4
By now things should be looking good and the dirt shower down the back of your neck and jersey should be sure fire signs that this bad boy is going to break the internet at your usual 7pm post. Dirt and rocks are flying everywhere, the bike is doing 12,000 rpm and you are looking like a pro doing a photoshoot for a magazine, as long as your buddy is getting it all on his iPhone. If not, you need a new riding buddy.

Step 5
Now, the smart people here will know there is no image five. Why? Because it is at this point two things usually happen. The rear grabs traction and spits you into an almighty highside that ejects you from the bike while your arms and legs are flapping in the breeze. Or, the traction doesn’t come, you continue to spin around until you run out of tyre and end up laying beneath your bike in a dirt track style low side. Selective editing is your friend and just because you have the pic, doesn’t mean you need to post it. Save that for MX Fails to keep the ‘likes’ coming.