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INTERVIEW: Yamaha teammates Styke vs Green | Features

Hear what Yamaha Active8 Yamalube Racing teammates Luke Styke and Josh Green say about each other and what it's like racing out of the same truck.

Who would be the first one to throw a four millimetre Allen key through the wall trying to assemble IKEA flat pack furniture?
JG: Styke for sure. He would lose it in seconds of opening the box and things would be flying everywhere. I just can’t see how he could even put any flat pack furniture together without wigging out and swearing like a truck driver.

LS: Greenie. I have patience for that sort of stuff and would take my time and get through it no problems. But, If I had to do it twice, or couldn’t get it working properly, then I would be throwing things around the room. But Green would be the one with the temper trying to get it together.

If you had to rely on your teammate to rebuild the top end of your race bike for an upcoming event, do you think you would finish?
JG: Can he phone a friend? If he can phone a friend, I think he could do it, if he can’t, then there is no hope of him doing it. This is a man who had a head fall off a YZ125 he built. That doesn’t fill me with confidence that his skills on the tools would get the job done. He would need help. Is there a YouTube video for that he could watch?

LS: I would trust him, and it would finish. Off road guys are good at this sort of thing and I’m sure he could get it done. If it was a motocross guy, then no way, those guys can barely change a filter these days and I wouldn’t even get out of the pits before the thing stopped, but those off road guys know their way around a tool box.

What’s one thing you have learned off your teammate?
JG: Confidence and arrogance on race day. Luke is really good at not caring about anyone or anything apart from himself on race day and just getting the job done. He is there to do business and does it well. He is also confident and the way he approaches racing is full of self-belief.

LS: Josh has a lot of experience I can and have drawn from over the past few years. He has so much off road knowledge and is happy to pass it on to me when I need it and has been on the scene for so long that he can get me pointed in the right direction before things get ugly.

Who controls the music on the long trips or during the race weekend?
JG: I would say me but if I’m in a good mood, I might let him put on his weird tunes. I have good taste in music and should always be team DJ as I can’t handle that stuff he listens to.

LS: Depends on whose car it is. If its your car, its your music, right? So, that means that if I am in Josh’s van, I have to listen to his crappy country music, but when we are in my car, he loves my rap music. So, we should just take my car more often and leave his country music in the country.

Who makes the most mess on a race weekend?
JG: I think we are both pretty good and don’t make too much of a mess, although I’m sure AJ will say something different and Styke will say its me.

LS: That’s me for sure. I think I have been the messiest guy on every team I have raced for as the managers and the mechanics are always yelling at me to clean my stuff up and get out of the truck.

Who would have watched the most Tik Tok videos?
JG: Styke for sure. I have never ever been on Tik Tok but I wouldn’t be surprised if Styke has his own channel and practices his dance moves every day.

LS: Green. I haven’t been on Tik Tok, but he would have. I got plenty of moves already and don’t need to put them out for the world to see.

If it came down to winning a championship, would you clean your teammate out?
JG: Hell yes. I would do it just in practice. And I know he would do the same to me, so I guess it’s the guy that gets the first take out wins.

LS: Yeap – in a heartbeat. A man has to make a living and the guy winning the championship is making the most money so a simple T- bone at the end of the day to win a championship is all part of the game. And he should know it’s coming.

Do you have any habits that make your teammate angry?
JG: He has never said anything but I’m sure I do. Sitting with the same guy in the back of a truck for three years has to get on your nerves at times but we get along pretty good and he has never said anything so I can only assume I’m the perfect teammate and there are no issues.

LS: I have plenty of bad habits, its just a matter of which one offends him. I’m sure there are several as I have a way of getting on people’s nerves, but he hasn’t ever pulled me up on anything yet, so I guess I just haven’t ticked him off enough yet. I will get that fixed at the next AORC.

Words: Yamaha Australia