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Jay Marmont Appointed KTM Motocross Team Manager | Latest

The KTM Motocross Racing Team is pleased to announce that multiple National Motocross Champion Jay Marmont has been appointed the outfit’s new Team Manager heading into season 2017.

Thirty-three-year-old Marmont began his professional career with KTM and went on to win numerous Australian motocross and supercross championships, before coming out of retirement for last year’s Australian Supercross Championship.

There he directed his vast experience and a good deal of raw speed to earn a top-five finish in the series, finishing with a memorable podium at the Aus-X Open in Sydney.

Marmont’s industry currency, as well as his impeccable racing pedigree were key factors in the appointment, which sees him in charge of KTM’s two-man premier class assault for 2017, incorporating MX Nationals winner Kirk Gibbs, and former MX2 Champion Luke Styke.

Current Australian Motocross Vice Champion Gibbs has recovered from the femur break he suffered in a training incident prior to the Australian Supercross Championship, and has begun on-bike training.

Styke is Ready to Race again after spending a year off the bike as he recovered from a snapped Achilles Tendon, and is working hard to return his speed, conditioning and mojo to the levels which made him a premier level podium contender.

Jay Marmont, KTM Motocross Racing Team Manager – “It’s a new job role for me, having been around bikes for almost my whole life, and Leisky approached me about it just after supercross. I was over the moon – it’s going to be a lot of learning for me, but I’ve had a lot of different Team Managers myself and I know what to bring to the table. It’s totally different from the other side of the fence of course, but I’m looking forward to the season kicking off. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Luke can achieve this year, and working with Gibbsy after his recovery, too.”

Rob Twyerould, KTM Australia Motorsports Manager – “We’re very pleased to announce Jay Marmont as KTM Motocross Team Manager. We wanted someone who could work very closely with the riders and relate to their various needs and requirements. Jay’s vast racing experience, determination and work ethic should provide Kirk and Luke with great support and confidence heading into the 2017 season. Our 2016 Manager Kyle Blunden was great, only narrowly missing out on two titles last year, and his outstanding organisational skills will be redeployed within KTM and its racing efforts. Jordan Yeo will stay on with us as a senior technician, and we’re in the process of looking for an additional senior technician with racing experience to work with Kirk Gibbs.”

Jeff Leisk, KTM Australia General Manager – “We’re excited to welcome Jay into this role. We have a fairly long history with him and when he joined with us he was a fairly raw and inexperienced rider, and under the tuition of Robbie T and the rest of the team he developed into a really strong competitor and we enjoyed a lot of success together. He went on to race overseas and I guess you’d say this is the next chapter in his racing career so we’re happy to be a part of it. I think he can bring a lot to the role. He’s a determined person who strives to get the results, and he’s also proving he has the ability to pass on what he knows to get the best out of our riders.”