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Jed Beaton clinches the 2016 Motul MX2 title | Latest

DPH Motorsport’s Jed Beaton claimed a career first Motul MX2 Championship at Round 10 of the Motul MX Nationals on the Sunshine Coast.

When gates dropped for Race 1 Davey Motorsport’s Jayden Rykers secured the first MXStore holeshot, but it wasn’t long before DPH Motorsport’s Beaton had made his way in to the lead position.

Serco Yamaha’s Wilson Todd was close behind followed by Rykers,

Beaton maintained the lead for the entire 30 minute race but with one lap remaining Caleb Ward made one final attempt at passing Beaton for the lead, but the KTM rider ran out of time. Beaton crossed the line with the race one victory and the Motul MX2 Championship lead. Ward wrapped up race one in second position, followed by Rykers in third. Serco Yamaha’s Todd held on to finish in fourth, followed by CRF Honda Racing’s Kyle Webster in fifth.

In Race 2 KTM’s Ward and Serco Yamaha’s Todd were neck and neck as they exited the first turn, however it was Ward who took on the early race lead, leaving Todd and Beaton to fight for second position behind him.

Beaton made the pass on Todd for second position then broke away, and within only a few turns, Beaton had also made the pass on Ward for the race lead.

Ward then made a mistake, losing two positions, allowing the Yamaha rider some much needed breathing space out in front.

As the final race of the day reached its closing stages, there had been no change to the race order, placing DPH Motorsport’s Beaton in the perfect position to wrap up the 2016 Motul MX2 Championship undefeated at Coolum.

But with only one lap remaining, spectators were treated to excitement on track, with Todd making the move past Beaton to snatch up the race lead with one lap remaining, proving once again that it’s not over until it’s over.

And when the chequered flag flew for the final time today, it was Todd who collected the final race win at Coolum, followed by Beaton who finished in second, while Ward held off a hard charging Rykers to finish in third.

However, Beaton with his 1,2 results won the 016 Motul MX2 Championship.

Second on the round podium was taken by Todd, while Ward wrapped up the final round of the championship at Coolum in third.

Jed Beaton – DPH Motorsports Yamaha – 2016 Motul MX2 Championship Winner

“I so happy to get this title. I knew that I had put in the hard work during the off season, I kept getting better and better at every round, and then half way through the championship I improved my results a lot,” he said.

“It’s a shame that Nathan (Crawford) was out because I would have loved to battle with him here at Coolum, but he deserves all the credit that he gets, and it’s been a good year going at it for the title.

“The DPH Motorsports Yamaha team have put in 100 per cent this year, and it really is like a little family. They’re a bunch of good people, and we all work really hard so we definitely deserve this championship.”

Motul MX2 round ten results

1) Jed Beaton – 67 points
2) Wilson Todd – 63 points
3) Caleb Ward – 62 points
4) Jayden Rykers – 58 points
5) Kyle Webster – 52 points
6) Hamish Harwood – 50 points
7) Geran Stapleton – 46 points
8) Joel Wightman – 43 points
9) Richie Evans – 43 points
10) Dean Porter – 42 points

Motul MX2 Championship

1) Jed Beaton – 630 points
2) Caleb Ward – 617 points
3) Nathan Crawford – 574 points
4) Jayden Rykers – 537 points
5) Wilson Todd – 507 points
6) Dylan Wills – 470 points
7) Hamish Harwood – 448 points
8) Joel Wightman – 426 points
9) Kyle Webster – 376 points
10) Dean Porter – 365 points