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Jessy Nelson Update | Latest

Jessy Nelson suffered a crash in the 250 Class Moto 2 at the Unadilla National which resulted in a Red Flag.

The Troy Lee/Red Bull/KTM rider went down hard during a tricky section of the tough Unadilla track and was slammed in the back by his dirtbike.

Nelson was transported to hospital in Cooperstown, NY where he is waiting for swelling to go down in his back before undergoing surgery.

At this time he has reported having limited feeling from his waist down.

Nelson posted this update to his fans.

Update: In the second Moto at Unadilla, I had a crash in a tricky turn, ultimately ending with a red flag for the race. I went down pretty hard of a direct result of the bike hitting me from behind. I am currently at a hospital in Cooperstown, NY where we are waiting for some swelling to go down in my back before doing surgery. At this time I have limited feeling from my waist down. The hope is that after the swelling goes down, I will get some more feeling back. Thank you all for your support, kind thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted in the next few days!

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We are hoping Jessy has a quick recovery and we’ll keep you all up-to-date as we find out more information.

Photo: Simon Cudby