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Beta's Jonny Walker has secured second position in the SuperEnduro World Championship Standings, behind Husky's Billy Bolt.

Over the past weekend, the seventh and final round of the Superenduro World Championship took place in Newcastle, UK. Jonny Walker immediately proved a great feeling for the track, on his Beta RR 300  Racing, ending the Super Pole with the second fastest time overall, not even a tenth behind the first rider, Billy Bolt.
The first heat of the race immediately proved to be very tight and Jonny finished in a good second position. Thanks to an excellent start in the second heat, he immediately took the lead of the group, holding it until one and a half laps from the end, when an error caused him to lose a few positions and led him to finish third.

Jonny Walker closed the Overall of the Day in second position and thus also won the second overall position in the Championship Standings. Congratulations to Jonny from all the staff!!
Also worth mentioning is the performance of Tim Apolle who continued to fight for the top 5 in multiple races throughout the Championship, finishing the World Championship in ninth position.