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Sherco rider Teodor Kabakchiev has won the Basq'Extrem in France as he gets ready for the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

The Bulgarian Sherco Factory Racing team rider, Teodor Kabakchiev this past weekend participated in a pre-season race to prepare for the Hard Enduro World Championship, the Basq’Extrem, an extreme Enduro which takes place over two days:

The first day consisted of a 45 km loop that had to be covered twice and included two timed special stages which determined the starting order for the following day. The second day consisted of a 65 km loop that had to be covered once for the “Soft” category and twice for the “Hard” category.

The heavy rain on Friday made the course very slippery and increased the difficulty. Teodor Kabakchiev won both days hands down and strengthened his lead in the Extreme Challenge ranking.

Teodor Kakachiev: “It rained heavily all-day Friday. The course was full of mud and was very slippery, which made the weekend’s races very tricky and particularly fun. We had to stay focused all the time and try to find the best line to have a good grip. I am satisfied with the result, I won both days with a significant margin. These pre-season races bring valuable experience to the whole team and allow us to work on our coordination, since I just joined the team in January, we are still in the discovery phase. The World Championship is getting closer, the first races in which I participated were very conclusive, both for me and for the team, this result was very positive and we must now continue the preparation and stay focused!”