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Ken Roczen back on track after 1-1 finish at Spring Creek | Latest

RCH Suzuki’s Ken Roczen secured back-to-back moto wins to take out the overall at Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Spring Creek.

Justin Barcia snagged the holeshot in Moto 1 but Eli Tomac quickly moved into the lead.

Barcia did battle with Roczen and managed to close the door multiple times. However, Roczen hung on and kept after Barcia and ultimately found his way around him.

Tomac took his early lead and managed to make some serious distance to stretch things out between him and the rest of the front-runners of the moto.

A few laps later Roczen would make a dash for Tomac as he took a major leap downhill the close the gap. For an entire lap Tomac had Roczen right over his shoulder in the straight aways and nearly side by side as they scrubbed each jump. With every downhill opportunity Roczen continued to push until he saw Tomac leaving the inside open. Roczen took the opportunity to use his momentum and slammed right inside of Tomac to take the lead.

Finishing moto 1 up front went Roczen first, followed by Tomac in second and Musquin in third.

Right out of the gate Roczen would be seen getting bumped around and slipping deep into the pack while Musquin took off for the holeshot. Just behind Roczen was his biggest competitor Tomac, but with so many riders on both sides of them they would fight together to through the thicket of riders early in the moto.

Roczen would quickly find lines to allow multiple passes. Roczen made a double pass on Barcia and Wilson at once, and with that same momentum he would find his way around Pourcel for third. Still on a roll, Roczen caught up to Short to make quick work and take over the second position.

Looking like he was riding on an all new level of excellence, Roczen catches up to Musquin and looks for an opening as Musquin did well to hold him off through two corners. Still pushing forward, Roczen finds a downhill section to jump down and fly past Musquin for the lead on the moto. From here he would be hard to catch.

Looking back up to the from of the pack, Roczen rode uncontested to the win, as did Musquin to second with Tomac coming up in third. The result on moto 2 would be the result on the day, and any question regarding Roczen’s reign on the 2016 series were answered as he rebounded with a 1-1 win on the day.