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I have been using Kustom MX graphic kits on both my Yamaha YZ250 and long-term YZ450F now for over 12 months.

Kustom MX is an industry leader in motocross graphics with a unique, one-piece decal. Their combination of reverse digital printing and screenprinting is what separates it from most of the competition. Kustom MX offers a full range of accessory decals, jersey prints, sticker sheets and KMX Hardware accessories, as well as generic and custom sticker kits.

We Rate

STYLISH The reason I keep using these guys is because they always throw together designs that make my bikes stand out and the graphics last really well. We can’t afford for the ADB bikes to look shoddy as this reflects badly on the mag, so I am happy to know that my bikes will always look a million bucks stickered up by Kustom MX.
DURABILITY My bikes have been put through races, bush rides and even mud rides and apart from a few minor scruff marks here and there they are looking perfect. The stickers aren’t lifting anywhere or fading.
FITTING I always have an easy time fitting Kustom MX stickers. The adhesive is really strong and the templates always fit well. There is never any major trimming or problems trying to get the stickers to line up with bolt holes.

Don’t Rate

BUBBLES The only fault I have is the stickers over the tank on the YZ 250 keep bubbling and I have to keep pushing the bubbles out. However this happens with all stickers stuck over a fuel tank. The vapor from inside the tank gets underneath the stickers and causes bubbles. The tank stickers have perforated holes in them to help but it’s still going to happen, no matter what.


Overall I have been really impressed with the Kustom MX sticker kits. The whole “custom design” process was easy and, better than that, the bikes looked amazing and still do 12 months on. I basically give the guys a quick brief and, within no time, they hit me with a solid design. Within days the stickers are on and the bike is looking factory. I love dealing with these guys, one because it’s easy and, two because I know and trust they will do a great job and I’ll get a quality product. The Kustom MX decals will withstand the harshest punishment without de-lamination, all the while maintaining a slick and glossy finish.Mat Boyd

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