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MA announces changes to MXD for next year’s Australian Motocross Championship | News

Motorcycling Australia has announced changes to the MXD class which will come into effect from next year.

According to MA, currently there is very little overlap in the motocross class structure, and riders must move even if not willing or ready to, or don’t have the skills to do so. In addition, where a Junior rider is ready to move up a class, they can be held back by age group limitations.

By creating a new pathway with an overlap in age group classes, riders will have some flexibility to remain in a class or move up a class if they are ready and eligible to do so.

The MX3 class also brings Australian motocross more in line with the FIM age groupings.

“This change will provide a clear pathway for Australia’s talented young riders into the senior motocross classes of MX2 and MX1,” said MA CEO Peter Doyle.

“It also provides talented young riders ready to step up to senior competition a clear pathway through the junior ranks and into the premier categories.”

Currently, at 13 years of age a junior can be endorsed to ride a full-sized motocross machine of 122cc to 150cc 2-Stroke & 200cc to 250cc 4-Stroke capacity, this has not changed.
At 14 years of age competitors with this endorsement can elect to compete in the MX3 class. This will not prevent competitors under the age of 16 competing in any other junior event.

The MX3 class is for 14 to under 18-years-old competitors (as of the January 1 of the year of competition) and allows for less experienced competitors to compete with their peers until the age of 18, and the more accomplished competitors to move into the MX2 class early as the entry age has been lowered to 15 years under strict endorsement procedures. You can enter MX1 or MX2 at 16-years-old.

Once a competitor has chosen to move up to Senior classes MX1 or MX2, they can no longer compete in Junior or MX3 classes.

The current endorsement “Off Road 122cc to 150cc 2-Stroke / up to 250cc 4-Stroke” for 13 to Under 16-year-old junior competitors will apply to a 14-year-old junior wishing to compete in MX3.

However, a new endorsement is required for a competitor who at the age of 15 years wishes to compete in the MX2 class.

There are no changes to the current Junior categories allowing Juniors between the age of 13 to Under 16 years to compete at National Championship events in their chosen classes.

MA says it will provide an update on the Australian Motocross Championship calendar today.