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Motorcycling Australia (MA) have said you will be allowed to race a Stark Varg in Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Dirt Track, Track, Flat Track and Supermoto.

MA continues to compile documentation around the process and procedures required for electric machines for future participation in MA-sanctioned Events. With the development of these processes and procedures, MA believes that the Stark Varg will be eligible to compete in different capacity classes of the effected disciplines (listed above). It is MA’s determination that effective immediately the Stark Varg is permitted to compete in an All Powers Class of Competition at club level only.

MA is currently collating the necessary data and information to make an informed determination on the eligibility of the Stark Varg to compete in differing classes of Competition. Part of this process is to ensure the necessary information is available to the SCBs and officials to ensure fair competition is maintained within the classes of competition in which the Stark will be eligible to compete. While this process is being completed, MA has determined the Stark Varg is already eligible to compete in an All Powers class of Competition in the disciplines which it can compete.

Once the eligibility process is completed, MA will distribute further information regarding the Stark Varg eligibility to compete at State and National level and what is required for it to compete in different classes.