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This year is shaping up as one of the worst in recent memory. The six-month ban on international tourists coming to Australia and the rampant paranoia sweeping the country with all Aussies now forced to remain isolated, our ride parks, rural pubs and holiday parks, local accommodation and country towns are now largely deserted. On paper it might look like a sad state of affairs for our industry, but we can change that.

Don’t lock yourself in your mancave with mountains of toilet paper and frozen meat to keep you company. Start planning a weekend away in the bush with the family for when it is safe to do so, grab your mates (but no hugging) and book yourself on any guided moto tour for when the situation improves, hit up your local off-road facility and don’t be afraid to head into your closest dealer or workshop to pick up parts and accessories, providing they are allowed to be open for business.

In a letter published by the American Motorcyclist Association, the promoters of racing and recreational riding, president and chief executive Rob Dingman has urged motorcyclists to get out there. “If I can’t ride, I’m going to plan riding trips, talk about riding with friends and think about riding” Dingman stated.

“I’m going to continue to be an active member of the motorcycle community because as a membership organization, community is, after all, how we do what we do”.

I couldn’t agree more with Dingman’s perspective, especially as a product that relies heavily on our readers. It’s important to be smart, don’t panic and plan for what’s ahead, just like you should when you’re riding.

We will still be bringing you the most entertaining and informative content our staff and long list of contributors can put together (with a mask on). It will make for a great way to pass the time while you’re locked inside, who knows, you might even learn a thing or two!

Your support of the motorcycling industry is critical to everyone that works within it, so we urge all our readers not to panic and dump the sport we all love. We understand times will be tough and people will be scraping the bottom of their piggy banks but just remember why you first fell in love with dirtbikes, the freedom, thrill and exhilaration it provides, the mates you’ve made and the memories you’ve created.

Mitch Lees – Editor