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More Marv hate at RedBud | News

Marvin Musquin has been on the receiving end of some pretty hateful abuse this Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season dished out by American "fans" not happy he's beating Captain America, Eli Tomac.

This disgraceful “fan”, and we use that term loosely, showed no remorse as he waved his middle finger in Musquin’s face as the French rider made the rounds high-fiving the crowd after taking the overall win at RedBud.

There’s no place for this in our sport but unfortunately, there’s always that guy…

Efffff this “fan.” What a disgrace to American fans everywhere. @marvinmusquin25 is one of the nicest guys and it’s embarrassing hearing people boo him and do this ish. Lock it up people #ThisIsntMoto #DontBeADick tag this POS

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