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Motul MX Nationals confirms return to Coolum in 2017 | Latest

Williams Event Management (WEM) and Suncoast Junior Motorcycle Club (SJMC) have reached an agreement which will see the series return to Coolum Pines for the final round of the championship in August.

Following the recent withdrawal of support for the round which resulted in the event being removed from the Motul MX Nationals calendar, an emergency club meeting was called after an outcry from the SJMC members, where a 60 – 2 vote in favour to host the MX Nationals was reached.

Following the club’s meeting, a major events sub-committee was formed to manage the venue’s key events. WEM and the SJMC then met in Queensland today, and it’s since been confirmed that the agreement which was put into place last year will continue with Round 10 of the MX Nationals to be held at Coolum once again in 2017. Williams made comment following the outcome of today’s meeting

“Today was a very positive day for not only the MX Nationals but for the Suncoast Junior Motorcycle Club. We were surprised when we were notified by Justin Grover (now ex president) that the club had withdrawn its support of the round, but thankfully that has all been resolved now and we’re excited to continue to work with the SJMC which we’ve had a very long and solid relationship with,” Williams shared.

“We also have a fantastic relationship with the local motorcycle dealers and media up on the Sunshine Coast so it will be great to inform those who rely heavily on the final round of the championship for their businesses and of course tourism in the area, that we will be returning this year.

“When the Motul MX Nationals heads to Coolum, the club has always been very supportive, and we are pleased that we can continue the tradition of our championships being decided on the Sunshine Coast.

“Hotels, restaurants and bars will be full once again in August and on top of that, the club will continue to receive plenty of support from WEM and of course our riders who practice at their venue throughout the season in preparation for the final round.”

SJMC Major Events sub-committee chair person Weldong Jung also shared his thoughts after meeting with WEM this morning.

“While it’s been a tricky two weeks, the entire club is now more united than ever,” Jung said

“We are very pleased with how today’s meeting with Kevin Williams from WEM went, and we are determined to make Round 10 another successful event.”

The tenth and final round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at the Coolum Pines Motocross Track on August 19-20.