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MXGP of Great Britain: Rider Quotes | Features

Read what the riders of the MXGP of Great Britain thought about their performance over the weekend.

Tim Gajser – MXGP Winner
“I’m so happy to win again; it’s such a great feeling! I love this track and I was really enjoying it a lot. The second race was a little sketchy with the rain because the track got really slippery and it was difficult for visibility, but I really enjoyed my riding today – having fun with some nice scrubs and whips. In the past races I was in a rush at the beginning and made some stupid mistakes, but I’m really happy that this weekend I could ride more smart and take another pair of wins for the overall.”

Max Nagl – MXGP Second Overall
“It was a pretty good weekend. I always enjoy coming to the British GP and especially this track. I got a good start in the qualifying race and finished second so I earned a good gate pick for the final motos. In the opening race I didn’t manage to get a good start. I was seventh or eight and spent most of the race stuck behind Van Horebeek. I was faster than him but couldn’t find a place to pass, so I settled for seventh.

“We made some changes with my bike between the motos. We changed gearing and it worked to our advantage. I got a massive holeshot in moto two and then put five really intense laps in to make a small gap of almost six seconds. When the rain started coming down I had to slow down a bit and Gajser passed me. I was surprised with getting second overall. But we’ve got so many fourth places this season so I guess we deserved to be on the podium this time.”

Gautier Paulin – MXGP Third Overall
“Especially after the French GP, it’s a great way to come back. Yesterday wasn’t my day as I was struggling a little but we worked hard with the team and did a good job to come back really strong today. The qualifying race was pretty terrible for me, but today was another day and we’ve been good all day. The first moto was ok but the second race was good. I spent too much time behind Butron and I used too much of my goggle roll-offs with the conditions, but I’m pleased with third and to be back on the podium again.”

Tony Cairoli – MXGP Sixth Place
“This was another weekend with ups and downs. The first moto was very good and I came from fourth to second. Then there was some bad reaction on the start and Bobryshev came all the way over to my side and closed me out, but that’s normal, that’s racing. I came back very good and was back in the top 10 but then I cased the big quad jump, my wrist was very painful and I had to slow down for two laps. My wrist was beginning to swell but I kept riding because I need the points. Hopefully it is not too bad and we try to recover for Mantova because that’s my home GP.”

Ben Townley – MXGP 16th Place
“Tough weekend but it doesn’t sound like much different to what I have been saying all year. I put it down twice early in the first one so I decided to save my energy for the second. I wanted a decent and consistent moto but fell with a lap to go. It’s been a hard old season. I expected a much better weekend. We just need to keep working. We made some positive changes overnight. The team had some ideas and we made a fork and a shock change to make the bike softer and that made it turn better and gain more traction.”


Jeffrey Herlings – MX2 Winner
“We managed to do it and turn a negative weekend into a very good one. We leave here with almost a 150-point lead and its looking very good and very steady. There’s seven rounds to go and three are in the sand, so I am looking forward to my home GPs like in Lommel and Assen.”

Dylan Ferrandis – MX2 Second Place
“My second departure was not better than the first, but I’m back fast enough second, too far, however, herlings who had signed the holeshot. Two times a second, back on the podium, it was a good weekend!
My second start was not really better than the first one, but I came back faster in second position but Herlings who got the holeshot was far away. Two second position, back on the podium, it was a good weekend!”

Pauls Jonass – MX2 Third Place
“After yesterday’s qualifying race when we had so much bad luck I don’t think anyone thought I could be on the podium, I had the 24th gate pick so was not the best start position but still in the first race I managed to lead some laps from the start after I made a pass at the second corner. I started to ride a bit tight and Jeffrey and Ferrandis passed me. Then with three corners to go on the last lap I over-jumped and Jeremy (Seewer) went by, I got a pretty decent start in the second race and moved up to second quite quickly. Then Dylan (Ferrandis) passed me. Maybe I didn’t ride the best lines and didn’t get the best flow but I finished third. Its not so bad to be back on the podium.”

Jeremy Seewer – MX2 Fourth Overall
“Almost! I knew I had to pass Pauls for the podium. The top three was not my sole goal because I knew a fourth place was not a disaster, especially in the championship picture. But of course I wanted to pass him! I was faster but couldn’t make it happen on the last lap. I got through but the rut was quite high and I couldn’t turn enough. It was a positive weekend and I showed some really good speed yesterday and I think I had the fastest lap-time in the first moto. We still need to work on the start because we have a new issue to solve as I struggled a bit just coming out of the gate. It seems like we have enough power I need to maintain it and really use it. Anyway it was good for the championship. Jeffrey won again and he wasn’t 100% so I hope there might be another occasion where we can fight and try to beat him this year.”